Police Chief: If You Speak English, We May Not Come Out for You


Read this and weep because this is where we are headed in a few years. It’s the dark world of the hard-left, the politically correct who are forever changing our culture. They have begun in Europe. Take this latest out of London.

Under Muslim Mayor Saddiq Khan, who has many radical ties, the police in London suggest they will not come out for white men and non-English speaking Londoners will be the priority.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, MET police chief Craig Mackey said “we assess people’s vulnerability”.

“Vulnerability can manifest itself in a number of ways: people with learning difficulties, a whole range of things, some people for whom English isn’t a first language.”

Craig Mackey

They are also looking to sell off police stations in safer neighborhoods to cut costs. Undoubtedly they are English speaking neighborhoods or they wouldn’t get away with it.

In July, the London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced half of London’s “poorly used” police station front counters will close to save £10million a year.

Currently, there are 73 working counters, down from 136 four years ago.

Over the past four years, the force has had to make £600m of savings and it is due to lose an extra £400m by 2020.

At the time, Mayor Khan said: “The huge government cuts to the Metropolitan Police Service have left us with no choice but to take drastic action to protect the frontline of policing.”

The frontline happens to be their refugees.

“My top priority is keeping Londoners safe, and every pound saved by closing a front counter is a pound of savings that we do not have to find by reducing the frontline, ” he said.

When the MailOnline contacted the Home Office and the Mayor’s office, the same excuses were used.

They are putting all their resources into the non-English speaking, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

The chief said the police are here to make Londoners safer but, just know, if you’re white and speak English, they may put you at the bottom of the heap.


  1. I am part of the microscopic number of people who were saying about as early as 20 years ago that it would come to this one day.

    I was called crazy, paranoid and …racist of course.

    and look at what is happening, whites are second if not third rate citizens in their own nations – just as I had predicted – and this trend is accelerating.

    it will get much MUCH worse.

    multiculturalism does not really exist, multiculturalism is an illusion because one group always wants to dominate the other groups.

    I am not saying this is good or this is ideal, I am simply describing reality.

    it is a eat or be eaten world,

    it is a “be the dominant group or be dominated“ world

    If we whites are not the dominant group, another will be.

    —Blacks are trying to become the dominant group ( BLM and all their insane demands is a BIG clue of that )

    —Mexicans are trying and to an extent are gaining ground

    — and of course Muslims are the most successful at being a dominant group.

    If nothing changes, no one stops them, I give Islam another 20 years and they will control at least 3/4 of this planet.

    if we whites do not keep our place at the top of the `food chain` another group will push us aside, take our place and then persecute us.

    it is not an opinion, it is what humans do and have being doing for thousands and thousands of years, it is not an opinion, it is human nature!!!

    this is how things are and it will not change anytime soon. it is human nature as it has always been ever since human have been around.

    But humans being humans they have another “defect“ ; they do not learn much from the past and keep making the same mistakes again and again and again!

    an example ;

    It took 7 centuries for the Spanish people to finally kick out the muslims out of Spain… and now they are letting the muslims in again as if they learned NOTHING from a seven century occupation!!!

    they learned NOTHING.

    but we are ALL like the Spanish people, the vast majority of humans know very little and learn almost nothing from what our ancestors went trough.

    humans barely learn anything from history and are condemned to repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over again.

    The British are letting the muslims invade them and boss them around, actually half the population – the white liberal half – WELCOMES such invaders.

    Sadly the problem is not exclusive to the British people, almost every white nation is going trough the same thing…Britain is simply deeper in the troath of the snake… but we are all in there.

    ok I`ll get down my soap box now…

    • Canadian Friend, well said and spot on. I share your prediction that if not stopped, Islam will control at least 3/4 of the planet within 20 years or less. As a Christian I also firmly believe the anti-Christ will be a Muslim. Every description of him in the Bible reads as though a Muslim were being described, and the coming one-world religion described parallels that of Islam.

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