Rep. Steve Cohen Models Really “Despicable” Democrat Behavior


Rep. Steve Cohen, a big fan of late-term abortion, ironically trashed President Trump’s relationship with his son and he criticized his commitment to his religion in tweets. Cohen is one of a small group who voted in the House to impeach the President.

One thing we can be certain about is the President and his family share no information about their personal lives with Cohen.

The “despicable” Cohen said the President is the “most despicable human being” to reside in Pennsylvania Avenue. He called him a “narcissistic sociopath”.

“Donald Trump is the most despicable human being to ever reside in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Cohen repeated during an interview on MSNBC after his nasty tweet storm.

“A narcissistic sociopath doesn’t change,” he blabbered. “It endangers the country. And war…is something he could get into to improve the ratings for the [2018] elections, where they [Republicans] are in desperate shape.”

“He golfs when he could be reading or be in church or be with his family,” Rep. Cohen wrote. “Never see him with Barron. You’d think he’d be golfing with Dad occasionally but narcissists only engage in activities where they are the show. No movies, sports viewing either just Fox! He will start a war!”

The MSNBC interviewer did question the source of his knowledge. Cohen later complained on Twitter that MSNBC went “overboard” trying to be “fair and balanced”.

This is the MSNBC interview that he found disappointing.

Here is the President with his son, something Cohen says doesn’t happen.


  1. Just where in the hell did they drag up this garbage mouthed piece of trash from, this turd, Cohen??
    Congressman, Really??? Congressman, Really?? Come on, you’re kidding me…..this guy isn’t competent to serve in a third grade monitor position. Where in the hell do these slobs come from? Really? Maybe he is getting ready to “court”: Mad Maxine???? What a couple that would be……….. Trash and Super Trash, White Trash and then there is …….Maxine. Scum of the earth, stealing her folks blind….what a pair….Huh…..

    • Remember Cohen was sending familiar texts with a sexy young lady, when it was exposed he said it was his daughter, later it was shown that she is not. Decent officials do not set themselves up to sexual blackmail.

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