Sen. Corker Sounds Like He Joined the Coup Against President Trump


Before I go on with this latest insult by the good senator, please recall that he is the one who put through a bill to override the Constitution of the United States, allowing Barack Obama to pass the Paris Accord despite the fact that it was clearly a treaty which needed approval by two-third’s of the Senate. A man who would damage the Separation of Powers as he has done has no right to be in the Senate.

The man who sold out the Senate would sell out the President and all the people who put him the President into office.

Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker blasted President Trump today to reporters but it’s even worse than that. He said if Trump doesn’t make “radical changes”, our “nation will go through great peril”. He suggested he is not stable or competent [and the Republicans like Corker are?]. Corker said:

“I do think that there do need to be radical changes. The President has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. And we need for him to be successful, our nation needs for him to be successful. It doesn’t matter whether you are Republican or Democrat. We need for our president, the world needs our president to be successful.”

Congress is clueless on what is going on in the nation. They should worry about their own obliviousness. He continued:

“He also has recently not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation. He has not demonstrated that he understands what makes this nation great and what it is today. He has got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that.

And without the things that I just mentioned happening our nation is going to go through great peril.

“We should hope that he inspires, that he does some self-reflection that he does what is necessary to demonstrate stability, to demonstrate competence, to demonstrate that he understands the character of our nation and works daily to bring out the best in the people of our nation.

Maybe Congress needs radical changes, you elite egghead.

Did Corker just join the coup? What exactly does he mean by the “nation will go through great peril”? These reporters are laughing at these Republicans. They know how easy it is to frighten them and make them cower.

Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen said he is going to draw up Articles of Impeachment because of Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. These people are nuts.


  1. He’s the jackass that drafted legislation that allowed Obama to go around the Senate and get the horrifically, dangerous Iran Nuclear “Deal”. So that makes him the swamp creature that REALLY exposed our nation to “great peril”. What a fool.

  2. Corker is a consummate opportunist. What he said about the nation’s peril sounds like a deep state threat against the US if Trump does not submit to them. There are so many senators betraying their base that I lost all respect for the party and its voters.

  3. As a person who has fought for and with the Tea Party Movement since late 2008, what we need is not so much to create a new Tea Party… but to develop a new role for those on the Right who supported it so that the MANY successes of the Tea Party can be made PERMANENT and IMPERVIOUS to Establishment Republican subversion.

    The way to do this is to PUNISH the RINOs by FORCING THEM to face primaries against TRUE Constitutional Conservatives.

    Make the RINO candidates… LIKE CORKER… LOSE.

    Given that they sell us out to the Left anyway, it is not much of a problem to have some LIB temporarily take their place in some Congressional seat since RINOs are simply LIBs wearing a Ronald Reagan mask trying to make sure that their plush seat on the Government Gravy Train NEVER gets punched.

    But once you defeat them, you have pretty much ENDED their career… which is the whole point.

    Get the RINO out and make those who want to nominate them understand we will NEVER accept them… or their ideological treason… EVER!

    Better to see them lose and then try again in the next election cycle with an anti-RINO conservative whose record has ALREADY DEMONSTRATED HIS CONSERVATISM beyond the kind of cheap rhetoric excreted by Deep State HACKS like Corker, Chinless Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryno, John McLame and the rest of the useless herd.

    Most important of all, Conservatives must STOP FALLING for the RINO line that “It’s time we all got on the same team to beat the Democrats!”

    Yeah… we saw how they all got on the same team when they BETRAYED everything they ever promised Conservatives about repealing the disaster that is Obamacare… just like they betray us on everything else.

    The same traitors that INSIST the Conservative Base act as Team Players SELL US OUT IN A NY MINUTE in order to curry favor from the Crony Corporatists THAT OWN THEM.

    It’s far past time to send Corker and his ilk the way of the Whigs.


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