Breaking: NY AG Loses in Her Attempt to Cancel DJT’s Bond


New York, Attorney General Letitia James lost her effort to destroy Donald Trump in her ongoing nonstop assault on the former president. When she ran on getting Trump, she was serious.

The court – Judge Engoron – ruled that the $175 million bond was acceptable. She tried to get the company holding the bond rejected so she could seize Donald Trump’s properties. Of course, she was probably going to sell them off in a fire sale.

The court decided that the $175 million bond must be in cash, not mutual funds or securities. The Knight Insurance Company cannot trade or move the money, but it will retain control of the account.

James wanted control of the account.

Knight Insurance will also be forced to provide a monthly financial statement to James showing that the $175 million in cash is available. It cannot be moved without the court’s permission.

The hearing only lasted an hour, probably because it was ridiculous.

Trump’s attorneys are currently appealing the decision from New York Judge Arthur Engoron, which required Donald Trump to pay $450 million for fraud that never took place. An appeals court has slashed the $454 million judgment to $175 million while the appeals going on and until the ruling.

Engoron just pulled that figure out of thin air. Letitia James greatly undervalued the properties in question, and Engoron was obviously in on it or in tune with her. I don’t know why he accepted the bond and rejected Letitia’s efforts, but it doesn’t change what he has done.

If Trump loses his appeal, he could be liable for the full $454 million. James could then seize his properties. Appeals are set for September, right before the election.

The report came from Fox News.

He’s also appealing the ridiculous judgment for E. Jean Carroll, and he faces 91 criminal charges in four different venues.

Progressive Democrats are evil people, and they’re engaging in serious lawfare. These cases are made up of whole cloth. Federal crimes are now pretend state crimes, and misdemeanors, if there are any, are now felonies. The statute of limitations was eviscerated. All of this is to get Donald Trump. Such is the Progressive’s unholy, craven desire for power.

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