Shots Fired at Truck Flying MAGA Flag, Bill O’Reilly Explains Mainstream Hate


On his podcast yesterday, Bill O’Reilly discussed the desensitization of the American people to violence and hate. The mainstreaming of hate has taken place and it has especially hit Republicans hard.

Years ago, the fringe person like a Robert Hinckley and Lee Harvey Oswald can now quickly and easily come in contact with people just as crazy as they are. Their hateful comments become mainstream and the horrendous things people say don’t seem so bad. That’s how we get a Kathy Griffin with a beheaded Donald Trump photo-op.

The spread of this insanity on social media begets desensitized people and spreads hatred. He doesn’t think Griffin is evil but she’s so used to the hate and violence, she thought it was going to be well-received.

One has to wonder why the ‘Julius Caesar’ play in which actors violently kill Julius Trump isn’t getting the same treatment she got. It’s getting some attention but not what it should be getting.

The violence and the hate is just as bad today as it was before a couple dozen Republicans were targeted by a far-left madman several days ago. No lessons learned.

Just today, Fox 59 reported that a black, tattooed young man driving past a truck flying a MAGA sign, smiled, put his gun out the window and fired shots at the Trump supporter.

Violence has gone mainstream and is acceptable as long as it’s against a political enemy. It’s most definitely aimed at Trump and his supporters.

The United States must not mainstream violence and hate but we are. It was never what we stood for.

Bill O’Reilly said on his podcast that the mass shooting this week was a “political crime” and while the shooter was crazy, it doesn’t excuse the action.

It’s not the fault of the TV personalities that he tried to massacre Republicans, he’s just a crazy, far-left loon.

However, media hate should be curbed. It hasn’t slowed at all. The NY Times lied and blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting. Sarah Palin might sue the NY Times for their false news coverage which they took back.

O’Reilly says about 80% of the reporters are not to be respected. He knows them and only about 20% are good. That explains a lot.

The difference in the way the hate is spread today is it’s on TV and social media 24/7 and it’s instant. It wasn’t like that years ago.

Listen to this clip. It’s interesting.


  1. Where did they find the young black man’s bloody torso torn to shreds by automatic fire in defense?

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