Soulless Left Respond to Trump Supporter Whose Daughter Was Killed in Florida


The party of humanity and civility, the same people who condemn Republicans as inhuman for their views of gun control, have no empathy for a suffering father because he was wearing a Trump t-shirt.

They are cruel and inhuman.


The posters also alleged that Nikolas Cruz is a Trump supporter because there is an Instagram photo, purportedly of him with an Antifa bandana wrapped around his face wearing a MAGA hat. There is no possible way to interpret the meaning of that.

Police also say he was not a member of the White Nationalist Group. That was another fake news story spread around today.


  1. The Left stands for nothing except the march toward socialism, Marxism, communism and totalitarian rule by the elite few over the masses of disarmed, disenchanted, obedient sheep….too docile to object to being relieved of their fleece.

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