Two Terror Attacks In London, 7 Dead, 48 Injured


This article was updated at 7:30 a.m. EST, June 4.

Police in London have confirmed two terror attacks in London. A van drove mowed down pedestrians walking on the London Bridge. The terrorists then stabbed multiple people in bars in Borough Market next to the London Bridge. People in the bars and restaurants were stacking up tables to protect themselves.

Early reports say there are seven fatalities of innocents. Three attackers were shot and killed. Forty-eight people have been taken to six hospitals. Police were fishing people out of the water after they jumped off the bridge.

The attackers wore hoax suicide vests.

Fox News reported that three suspects, brandishing 12 inch knives, jumped out of a van after they used it to mow people down on the London Bridge. They then tore into the market and started stabbing people.

Police responded within 8 minutes according to the police spokesman and confronted the three attackers. Police shot and killed them.

One of the attackers is seen in the photo, bottom right.

The Terror Will Continue

A U.S. official said that the intel of threats against Europe are the worst in more than a decade.

Pete Hoekstra, former Michigan congressman, said there is a 100% chance there is a nexus between this attack and the Manchester attack two weeks ago.

Think about this: 17 people have been arrested in the Manchester attack and 10 are still in prison. This was a cell.

It is also the third in a series of terror attacks in London in three months.

No one has taken responsibility but ISIS has called for attacks just like these. MEMRI recently translated ISIS’s calls to mow people down and stab them during Ramadan.

It should also be noted that Ramadan is the terror month. It’s the Muslim month of conquest.

Trump’s Tweets

Shockingly, liberals are more upset about Trump’s tweets than the terror attacks. If you are more upset by Trump’s tweets than the terror attacks, you’re the problem.

President Trump is watching the events closely and has offered help to the U.K. He has been tweeting.

Trump retweeted Drudge.

Now think about what Secretary Kelly said.

London Must Change

Drive out the terrorists! Drive out them out!


  1. Hope the U.S. Supreme Court is listening………………………
    General Kelley said: ‘If you knew what I knew you would never leave your house”
    I don’t get it: How the left can let this country go down the tubes, just because of their personal animosity towards Pres. Trump. Unbelievable! “When will they ever learn? When will they ever..
    learn?” Snowflakes and thugs, they won’t listen, ……they didn’t study history in college, they studied _______studies and found a job in the VA screwing with the real heroes,………Get dressed in black with face masks and beat up old folks who don’t think as they do.
    Nancy ‘Who’s president this year” Pelosi, and Cryin Chuckie Schumer, Adam Shit, are you listening? “Political Rooter, that’s the name and there goes the Democrats down the drain.”

  2. Hey Sara! Here we go again. The morons are out in full defense of Islam. I noticed this morning the attack was reported as a terror “incident.” I scanned through some of the articles featured on the Yahoo Home Page. I always go to the comments section to remind myself just how ignorant a lot of folks really are. Same typical loony left-wing defenders of the indefensible commenting that “racism is alive” (I still haven’t figured out what race Muslims are … I suppose not the same as Catholics) and that we shouldn’t judge millions of peaceful Muslims for the acts of three people. And then there are references to the 1600’s and Christians … etc. stunning babble. I Read the statement by British Prime Minister Theresa May who now says, “Enough is enough!” She encouraged nations to deny internet access to Islamic “extremists” so they have a more difficult time recruiting followers … and other lip-service drivel. I suppose Londoners shouldn’t be too upset. Didn’t their Muslim Mayor remind them recently to expect acts of terror when living in a large city? I have an idea! London can organize a candle-light vigil!
    Have a great Sunday Sara!

  3. One should not overlook the history of this conflict by trying to define the word “terrorism”. I cannot count the vast response by media pundits saying they are trying to “disrupt” our way of life. It’s not so simple.

    Current Islamic thinking has it roots in the fall of the Ottoman Empire. When they were utterly defeated there were a group of Imam’s who began to do serious thinking of the reason and concluded it was primarily due to the secular state.

    Much of this occurred in Egypt and the result was the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood. That was the forerunner of the majority of offshoots that spread to many countries. Bin Laden’s second in command, Zawahiri, was one of the major players in the early movement.

    Zawahiri met with Bin Laden in Afghanistan and so began the fight against the Soviets. Once they were not only defeated, but humiliated, the different groups realized they Could take on a major power and achieve a victory.

    After that victory Bin Laden boasted he could take on other super powers and accomplish the same thing. Their victory meant actions weren’t merely to instill “fear” as Westerners want to opine but rather the goal of conqueror.

    The early days of terrorism, such as airline hijacking, was primarily for specific political purposes. The thinking changed after Afghanistan and became one of conquest. They have changed to a multi-layered approach from those lessons learned which includes not only guerrilla warfare, such as the London attack, but also societal and political.

    Therefore to ascribe terrorism in such simplistic terms is to invite more of the same. Britain has compounded the difficulty by “allowing” the rise of radicals in their midst. They are unwilling to even deport those who have called for these atrocities. Those who speak up against radicals are the ones who are arrested and sanctioned.

    One thing is for certain, Prime Minister after Prime Minister are more concerned with going after Israel, for anything they do, rather than those who do actual harm to their own people. Their animosity for Israel has been well documented in books, “The secret war against the Jews” and “Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis”.

    • Very good analysis, but most sheople do not want to look at and analyze history, and here we are,
      being “taught” by ‘Professors’ whom our parents accurately described as having “rocks in their head”. When you do not acquire things by blood sweat and tears, you will not recognize when someone patronizes you and blinds you to the fact that they are after what you have. That is the stupidity of the snowflakes and the liberal left who are the children following the Pied Piper.

  4. I just heard the former UK Justice Secy MIchael Gove actually give a better, more accurate depiction of the origins of the current Islamic state. The only problem is it was done in such a general manner that did nothing but obscure the facts.

    This is why I tend not to watch any shows as this. Everything is done in such a superficial manner that it accomplishes absolutely nothing when it comes to educating the public. The simple question of origins Should have been explored in, at least, a full segment. In fact, better yet, a full hour investigative report should be done to explore the entire details.

    This is just one example of why even Governments have completely failed the public. They, too, are accustomed to doing the same things, that is, exploring in a superficial manner. Notice any hearing that Congress convenes and you have each member given 5 minutes which most of that time is spent pontificating, and Maybe, just maybe, one or two questions. No wonder there is such ineptitude among so many.

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