U.N. Is Helping N. Korea With Their Patent for a Chemical Used to Make WMDs


File this under you can’t make this stuff up.

Since 2015 the U.N. Security Council has been trying to help North Korea secure a patent for the dangerous chemical sodium cyanide. Sodium cyanide has been banned for export to North Korea since 2006, Fox News reports.

The chemical is most often used as part of a nerve gas which is designated as a weapon of mass destruction, Fox wrote.

Information on the website indicates that North Korea started the international patent process on Nov. 1, 2015 — about two months before its fourth illegal nuclear test. The most recent document on the website is a “status report,” dated May 14, 2017 (and replacing a previous status report of May 8), declaring the North Korean applicants’ fitness “to apply for and be granted a patent.”

Fox News informed the U.N. bodies. It is information available to the public on this link.

The U.N. hasn’t communicated with N.Korea at all:

During all that time, however, the U.N.’s Panel  of Experts on North Korea “has no record of any communication from WIPO to the Committee or the Panel regarding such a serious patent application,” said Hugh Griffiths, coordinator of the international U.N. expert team, in response to a Fox News question.

Don’t worry, they’re investigating.

The Panel of Experts has now officially “opened an investigation into this matter,” he said.

One expert warned it undermines the purpose of sanctions.

N. Korea is currently in the process of developing ICBMs to blow us up.


  1. It started over a year ago thus it was under Obama’s watch.

    Obama was such a great president! right? ( sarcasm )

    I really wish the main stream media would report real news and inform people instead of campaigning for liberals/democrats

    Obama did an awful job!!!

    I know he was not in charge of the UN but common! he was the most powerful man on the planet, could he not have put people on this? so they would have found out what was going on??? Don’t tell me the USA has no way of checking what the UN is doing.

    Either Obama was supremely incompetent or he did not care what North Korea did…why? because Obama hates the USA.

    oh yea Obama hates the USA.

    there are mountains of evidence for that.

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