VA Firefighter Arrested for Felony Rioting as an Anarchist in D.C.


Rosa Roncales, who calls herself “La Ché Rancalez” on Facebook, was charged “with felony rioting in connection to the incidents that caused damage in excess of $100,000”, Channel 6 reported. She is part of an anarchist group according to court documents. She is also an Henrico firefighter.

WTVR reported the following:

The documents said officers with the Metropolitan Police Department were monitoring a planned assembly of individuals that were known to be associated with an anarchist group.

They were in D.C. on Inauguration Day to disrupt the inaugural.

Many members of the group she was in, estimated to be in excess of 300 people, were carrying anarchist flags, wearing black clothing, and black bandanas and masks, police said.

Members of the group were also carrying weapons, like a hammer and a baseball bat, according to court documents.

Officers observed members of the group tear trash cans and newspaper boxes off of the street, drag them onto the road, and set them on fire, according to court documents.

Those documents stated the group then proceeded to smash out the windows of a DC Fire and EMS vehicle outside of a fire house.

Then, after following the group for approximately 28 minutes, officers said members of the group smashed out large plate glass windows from Starbucks Coffee, Sun-Trust Bank and Wells Fargo Bank and lit a limousine on fire.

Police said the group incited a riot by organizing, promoting, encouraging and participating in acts of violence.

She hasn’t been fired but she will “likely” be fired if convicted of a felony, according to the channel 6 report. She is on administrative leave.

She works with the fire department and set fires. She was part of the group that lit a Muslim immigrant’s limo on fire. Why is she still employed?

Police officers are fired for tweeting opinions on Facebook all the time and it’s hard to even imagine why she is still employed.

Roncales could be referencing communist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, by calling herself La Ché.

Where is the mainstream on this?

La Che’s Facebook banner:

This is the state of our nation. Watch our Henrico County Firefighter’s group destroy Starbucks, the limo and the bank. It’s stunning how the police didn’t stop them.


  1. The word is infiltration. The pond scum is infiltrating our most basic services with no intent of being honorable.

  2. Set an example & hang the b…h. Then go after her cohorts and do the same. Also, administrative leave usually mean she is still receiving a paycheck, which everyone I know considers to be absolute B.S. We need to show her and all other ignorant a..holes that there will be consequences for stupidity. Long live the rule of law! HANG ‘EM HIGH!

  3. You speak of rule of law yet call for someone’s hanging for property destruction. I believe that the law is that the punishment for such actions is a fine and/or jail time. Calling for someone’s execution for a non-capitol offense is dispicable. That’s not rule of law. That’s mob mentality.

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