Weinstein Had a Clause in His Contract That Allowed for Sexual Harassment


Martha MacCallum of Fox News had Harvey Levin of TMZ on for this bombshell report. According to Levin, Harvey Weinstein had a clause in his two-year old contract that allowed for sexual harassment. The Weinstein Company wrote a contract with a clause that allowed for sexual harassment as long as Weinstein paid for it.

Weinstein was co-founder of the company with his brother.

The Weinstein Company contract says, according to Levin:

“Here’s what we know. In October of 2015, Harvey Weinstein signed a new contract with them, and under the contract, it says that if Harvey Weinstein gets sued for sexual harassment or any other kind of misdeed in the company has to pay the judgment or a settlement.

Harvey Weinstein can make everything good by doing two things. Number one, he has to pay the company back for what it paid the victim. Number two, Harvey has to pay a fine, and the way the fine is structured, the first time he has to pay a settlement…Harvey has to pay a $250,000 fine. For the second judgment or settlement, he has to pay a $500,000 settlement. For the third, $750,000. For the fourth or any number thereafter, he has to pay a million dollars each time the company has to pay a settlement or judgment for any kind of sexual harassment.”

The company says they knew of settlements and assumed it was consensual. That doesn’t ring true because they wouldn’t need a clause like this if they really believed that. It sounds like they were trying to control Harvey Weinstein’s perverse harassment and possible rapes with fines or Harvey insisted on the clause to allow him to molest women.

It’s unbelievable but TMZ is very accurate in their reporting. If true, it’s revolting.

These are your Hollywood heroes folks. They are the fighters for women’s rights.


  1. Sexual harassment involves consensual sex. Otherwise, it is rape. Insurance covers liability for civil liability but not criminal acts such as rape. This has long been the contention of insurance carriers who provide the coverage. ‘Insurance’ (third-party liability) isn’t meant to cover criminal acts.

    Smart lawyers go for the gold and call it sexual harassment as they can make money off of it. Moreover, the term like so many things in our country has become misused and overblown.

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