#WeNeedASpecialCounsel AG Jeff Sessions Refers Everything to Rosenstein


Rep. Matt Gaetz is insisting on a Special Counsel so we can take the findings of the Inspector General and turn them into prosecutions.He needs Americans to demand a Special Counsel because the Attorney General is disengaged and refers everything to Rod Rosenstein.

Meetings with Attorney General Jeff Sessions are pointless. He defers to Rod Rosenstein and Rosenstein’s staff even though Rosenstein is the one who signed off on the corrupt FISA warrant. Sessions was asked about a Special Counsel and he deferred to Rosenstein’s staff.

Sessions is a non-player in the DoJ.

Gaetz re-introduced a Schiff bill

In a clever move, Rep. Gaetz reintroduced a 2013 bill put forward by Adam Schiff which would allow the President to choose all FISC judges.

Gaetz said, “In 2013, Rep. Adam Schiff wanted to give the President power to appoint FISA judges. Today, I filed that legislation & would encourage him to join me to advance bipartisan legislation. If it was good enough to give Obama these powers, it’s good enough to give Trump these powers,” Gaetz said.

“I’d encourage the gentleman from California to join me as a co-sponsor so that we can find bipartisan solutions to improve the FISA process,” Gaetz said.

It’s good for a laugh at least. We know that the Democrats will never go for it. They want complete power and what is right has nothing to do with it.


  1. Sessions has violated his oath many times. The anti-Trump Ryan speaks very loudly with his silence on the scandals. He has hindered the House investigations. The upcoming election may be the only reason he is allowing Nunes to act. He is worried about himself remaining Speaker, and may turn off all investigations after the election.

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