1.1 Million Excess Deaths During the Vaccination Period of the Pandemic!


Joel Smiley says the COVID-19 injections were meant to reduce the sudden surge of deaths the USA recorded in 2020 due to the alleged Covid-19 pandemic. But unfortunately, the official figures prove that the opposite has happened. They seem to prove that 1.1 million Americans died suddenly.

Joel Smiley reports that official records quietly published by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirm that over six million Americans have died since the authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020. The record-breaking year for deaths was 2021.

According to the CDC reports, there have been 1,106,079 excess deaths in the 2015-2019 five-year average. It means that 1.1 million Americans may have “died suddenly” in this timeframe.

UK government figures confirm that mortality rates per 100,000 are highest among the vaccinated population in every single age group. It looks like the COVID-19 vaccination is almost entirely to blame.

The Expose reports that 1.1 million died suddenly. We aren’t sure, but what else are we to think if there are 1.1 million excess deaths during the period the vaccines were given?

You’ll be happy to know Pfizer has lawyered up. Also, the US does pay out for vaccine injury, but not much. However, the systems are overwhelmed with applications for compensation.


On April 18, the Food and Drug Administration appeared to have given up on mRNA COVID jabs.

Under the cloak of “simplify(ing)” the Covid vaccination schedule, the FDA ended the two-dose mRNA vaccination regimen for unvaccinated people, Alex Berenson noted on substack.

Americans who have not yet been vaccinated can now receive only a single dose of the newer “bivalent” vaccines, which, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, supposedly work better against the Omicron strain. The boosters don’t appear to do anything.

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4 months ago

The “Shot” was the backup plan for killing as many Americans as possible and the Medical experts are still pushing the “Shot”. What kind of diabolical psychopaths push poison as a miracle drug? That seems to be the majority of Medical Experts today. Welcome to a Democrat America where the masses are totally brainwashed.