Disney’s New Series: Demonic Impregnation for High Schoolers


Disney needs an exorcist. They have a new series about the demonic impregnation of an 18-year-old high schooler that certainly redefines its former reputation as family entertainment.

Walt Disney Studios once stood for family and children’s entertainment, but no more. People don’t realize it now stands for hypersexual, perverse entertainment for children. They push gender propaganda, sexualized content, violence, and other leftist ideas of what good values are.

Disney doesn’t seem to care if the traditional audience doesn’t come with them as they double down. Bob Iger is pushing perversity even more than the last CEO.

Devil Impregnation

Disney Plus’s new series is called Pauline. Pauline is an 18-year-old high schooler who has a one-night stand and gets pregnant. She’s consumed by the leftist emotional and social crises in the world, including climate change. Then she finds out that the one-night stand and her impregnation was with the devil himself. She falls in love—demonic impregnation at its best.

I haven’t seen it, so maybe it has some redeeming qualities. Don’t count on it. Screen it before you let your children near it.

The people who bring you this also are the makers of the film How to sell drugs online (fast).

Pauline is being shown in Germany, but parents need to be alert. It will come here, at least it will if it makes money. You reportedly can get it here if you are a member of the Star expansion.

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