106 Sanctuary Cities Cost Federal Taxpayers $27 Billion Each Year


A report by OpenTheBooks studied the cost of 106 sanctuary cities and it’s mind-blowing at $27 billion. Also interesting is the fact that 1 in 5 Los Angeles County residents, about 2 million, are illegal aliens. The adults probably all vote too.

Los Angeles County just committed $5 million to help illegal aliens fight deportation, according to Downtrend. This includes criminal aliens.

They have a lot to lose if defunded.

OpenTheBooks.com chose 106 sanctuary cities in the United States in an oversight report, released Friday. In all, cities that ignore federal law by harboring illegal immigrants are receiving $27.741 billion in grants and direct payments from the federal government aka the federal taxpayer in fiscal year 2016.

Twenty-two percent of the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States live in just 12 American cities, according to the report. Those cities, which include New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, received $15.983 billion in federal funds.

Chicago and D.C. get the most, $5.3 billion and $2.09 billion respectively.

In Los Angeles, 1 in 5 city residents are illegal aliens. LA received $502.5 million from the federal government.

More than half of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. live in a sanctuary city.

The 12 cities with the most illegal immigrants and the federal funding received last fiscal year are: New York ($7.6 billion), Chicago ($5.3 billion), Philadelphia ($590 million), San Francisco ($509 million), Los Angeles ($502 million), Seattle ($284 million), Providence ($235 million), Denver ($227 million), Austin ($207 million), Newark ($207 million), Portland ($174 million), and Minneapolis ($118 million).

There Are about 300 sanctuary jurisdictions in the United States according to The Center for Immigration Studies.

h/t Free Beacon

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