1,159-Page Funding-Poison Pill Bill Filed for House, Senate Fast Track – Updated


Appropriations Chair Nita Lowey holds trillion dollar spending bill.

House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) filed the final agreement to keep the government open. It’s a 1,159 page bipartisan agreement but who knows what the Democrats put in it at the last minute, after discussions ended.


It is being fast-tracked through the House and Senate and has to be signed by Friday at 11:59 p.m. The means all the people in both Chambers and the President have to look at every detail in a 1,159 page bill by Friday night.

The President must declare a national emergency or reallocate money without a declaration and build the wall. He’s in a tough spot because his staff told him another shutdown would hurt the economy.


It seems to include poison pills, including a clause that appears to allow mayors/officials to reject the wall if it is in their jurisdiction (on pp. 34, 35, Sec. 232). A key paragraph:

“Prior to use of any funds made available by this Act for the construction of physical barriers within the city limits of any city or census designated place described in subsection (c), the Department of Homeland Security and the local elected officials of such a city or census designated place shall confer and seek to reach mutual agreement regarding the design and alignment of physical barriers within that city or the census designated place (as the case may be). Such consultations shall continue until September 30, 2019 (or until agreement is reached, if earlier) and may be extended beyond that date by agreement of the parties, and no funds made available in this Act shall be used for such construction while consultations are continuing.”

In other words, he can’t build the bollard barrier if elected officials say no. And their power seems to extend beyond September 30, 2019, which takes us to the election year.

There is also be time for public comment and more lawsuits.

Democrats have no intention of allowing him to build a barrier and they will destroy the economy to do it.

Consider that much of south Texas — California — Arizona, where a lot of illegal aliens live, is in Democrats’ hands.

That’s only p. 35 of an 1159-page bill.

The barrier cannot be built in certain areas. That includes an area where it is needed near The National Butterfly Center. He can’t build near refuges or parks. It seems to limit building in five areas.

The bill is just filled with restrictions.

You’re going to love this one that gives amnesty (p.25):

And anyone who does not have a felony conviction or pending felony and calls him or herself a sponsor or potential sponsor or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied child, cannot be held in detention or removed and proceedings for removal cannot be initiated. In other words, it appears they can be criminals with misdemeanors. They don’t have to be related either it seems if I am reading this correctly. It reads:

“None of the funds provided by this Act or any other Act, or provided from any accounts in the Treasury of the United States derived by the collection of fees available to the components funded by this Act, may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child (as defined in section 462(g) of the Homeland Security Act…”

It seems like this is an invitation to cartels to come through with children. It is an invitation for radical leftists to sponsor unaccompanied children.

Central American parents are known to sell their children to the cartels and cartels are known to kidnap children.

Border Patrol can’t possibly screen to sift out traffickers pretending to be sponsors.

One caveat, we haven’t read the entire bill and we don’t know how this might be altered elsewhere. These provisions might be removed, but we aren’t confident they will be. We have links to the bill so you can read it. And have updated this article three times.


The back pay for federal workers has been taken out according to Fox News Thursday morning. Somehow the Democrats can’t find money for the wall, but they can find money to pay contractors.

There are reportedly other pork provisions in the bill.

If the President does not sign it, and that is a possibility, another government shutdown will be very harmful to the economy. Either way, Democrats — Socialists — win.

The politicians are playing around with Americans safety.

The bill provides $1.375 billion — Trump requested $5.7 billion — for 55 miles of steel bollard fencing along the southern border in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. In all, Customs and Border Protection would get $14.9 billion and Immigration and Customs Enforcement would get $7.6 billion. But, as we wrote, it’s filled with limitations and restrictions.


The only people who want the wall are the American people by a slight majority. The rest have been fooled into thinking it’s immoral or a bad idea for some other reason. Republican and Democrat lobbyists don’t want it.

Besides the 1.375 billion for the 55 miles of wall, there is $1 billion for other security and $400 million of that is for humanitarian aid for detainees [lawyers?] and money to buy aircraft and hire immigration judges. There will be no new border agents and the barrier can only be of a two-year-old design.

Charles Hurt said on the Special Report panel Wednesday that the wall is unpopular with Republicans and Democrats. Democrats want to reduce detention facilities and beds as more and more people cross the border.  He said that just a week ago Democrats were talking about actually reducing detention facilities, the number of beds for holding people who illegally cross the border. “That is, in essence, abolishing ICE. Adding facilities, adding space –that’s a huge victory for the president,” he said.


“This agreement denies funding for President Trump’s border wall and includes several key measures to make our immigration system more humane,” Lowey said. “It also rejects the president’s irresponsible budget cuts and instead invests in priorities that will strengthen our families, communities, and economy, like public safety, support for small businesses, environmental protection, transportation, housing, and robust American global leadership.”

“He’s not getting what he wanted. And I think he knows that. There are other ways he can get some of those dollars by reprogramming existing funds. He will get there,” Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) told Fox News about how the bill includes far less than what Trump wanted for a border fence. “But this is an incremental process. And this is a down payment… I think the president can live to fight another day, but he’s going to get wall funding.”


The top Republican on the Appropriations Committee, Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), signed off on the conference report, saying that “with only three weeks to negotiate and prevent an unnecessary government shutdown, the conference committee has developed a strong, bipartisan package.”

“I am proud of the work my colleagues and I have done to provide the necessary resources to address the crisis on our southern border,” Granger said. “I am hopeful that both chambers quickly pass our legislation and that the president signs it into law.”

Perhaps Granger shouldn’t be proud.

Chip Roy isn’t proud.

“When one bemoans the swamp, look no further than spending a trillion dollars and jamming through legislation when none of us have even seen it,” Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy told TheDCNF. “We should be a no on such incompetence even if it weren’t perpetuating drunken spending and failing to actually secure the border.”

The real villains here are the Democrats and some Republicans, not President Trump.


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5 years ago

The restrictions cited by this author appear to make the border wall potentially ineffective. If 20 miles of wall are built through one county or town and then there is a gap of 20 miles because the mayor of the next town says “no,” the wall will not protect us any more than it does now.

It is time to arrest every member of Congress that votes for this bill for aiding and abetting the enemy.

5 years ago

If it takes 1,159 pages to get a budget for such a small part of the government then the government is too large.

5 years ago

Trump has committed some major blunders, and is about to have another.

The new stories are that the wall is being built now anyways. That is false, it is a very small portion underway. We are not this gullible.