24,000 NYS Dead (25% Seniors)-Cue Clueless Cuomo Bros to do a COVID Shtick


Andrew Cuomo has really enjoyed being the latest, greatest, democrat, national media darling. As the heir apparent to an increasingly addled Joe Biden, the “Love Gov” has done 20 interviews on CNN, half of them with his muscle-bound, COVID-recovered brother, Chris.

Not a single one of that network’s hosts have asked the governor about his state’s deadly nursing home coronavirus guidelines.  Maybe that’s why, no matter how horrific the death tolls, or New Yorkers’ personal suffering, Andy’s been plenty fine joining “little bro” for some lighthearted family fun.

That was until recently.  Seems the boys took their act too far when, especially given current circumstances, they did a stunningly tasteless COVID-19 bit.  It was so beyond the pale, Dem groupie, and “media critic”, Brian Stelter wrote, “Chris Cuomo’s segments with his New York Governor brother Andrew are coming under more and more scrutiny, especially after Wednesday’s giant test swab joke.”

Brian was not alone.

Reason senior editor Robby Soave headlined “Chris Cuomo’s COVID-19 Interviews With Andrew Cuomo Are Disgraceful”.  Soave wrote the CNN host’s “hardest-hitting question for his older brother was whether the COVID-19 testing swabs are too small for his gigantic nose.”

He continued, “Chris Cuomo’s employers have decided to let his bad family comedy routine play out night after night, as the brothers fake-argue about which one is mom’s favorite, who would win in a fight, and where the tomato sauce recipe went…..but this is getting ridiculous.”

Former CNN staffer, Steve Krakauer really hit the journalistic nail on the head.  “Andrew Cuomo may give a good press conference….but the reality is he has presided over a true disaster in his state. It is a stain on our national media that they have been as subservient to him as they have.” Krakauer concluded. “Can we quit the comedy routine on ‘America’s Most Trusted Name in News?’

Comedy routine to whom we wonder.  For sure, not to the tens of thousand’s of families who never got to say good-byes to cherished loved ones, or even had a chance to commemorate their tragic passing with a proper funeral service or burial.

Poking fun at big bro’s nose with an oversized COVID- swab was/is certainly no joke to those to lives about to either dramatically change or be lost, based on the testing Andrew and Chris Cuomo mocked.

Actually the whole thing was sick.  What’s the old saying?  Don’t quit your day job?  New York would be better off if Andrew Cuomo did….quit his day job.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

The man is an utter disgrace

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

One-fourth of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have been in New York, and this a–hole is making jokes about the size of his brother’s nose?! He needs to take that giant swab and stick it up his a–hole until it comes out of his own nose.