3 shot in Times Square including a tourist, a child, welcome to deBlasio-ville


Times Square, New York is becoming the same hellhole it was back in the 1970s. We have porn and naked people walking around in costumes. We also have three bystanders shot today, two women and a child.

Three people were hospitalized Saturday evening after a shooting in Times Square left the youngest victim, a 4-year-old girl, injured and started the NYPD on a manhunt for the gunman responsible.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea confirmed at an evening press conference that the three victims were unintended targets of the shooter and were not related to one another.

The young girl was struck in the leg, a 23-year-old woman was hit in her thigh and a 43-year-old woman was shot in the foot, police said. All three victims were taken to nearby Bellevue Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Shots were fired right around 5 p.m. after a reported dispute between a group of men.

Nearby witnesses told police the men were arguing when one pulled out a gun and started shooting, striking the innocent bystanders.

The 4-year-old is facing surgery this evening.

A 23-year-old tourist from Rhode Island was shot. She came to Times Square after attempting to visit the Statue of Liberty, which remains closed due to the pandemic.

Welcome to deBlasioville!

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