Elise Stefanik voted against entire America First agenda


The Influential Columbia Bugle described Stefanik as “a slightly less annoying America Last Republican.” Lou Dobbs, the former Fox Business show host who was one of Trump’s fiercest cable television supporters, dismissed her as a “RINO.”


Kevin McCarthy and his friends are tricking us into supporting Elise Stefanik for a leadership role in the GOP. Even Donald Trump was fooled. She doesn’t vote as conservative as Liz Cheney. She’s no conservative, and her voting record proves it.

Stefanik ‘s record:

Voted against President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 — the signature piece of economic legislation that fired up the economy.

She co-sponsored a pathway for Dreamers and amnesty called the USA Act. Numbers USA gave her a 17% rating.

Stefanik not only voted against funding President Trump’s border wall, but also voted to terminate Trump’s emergency declaration to fund the wall and to override President Trump’s funding of the wall. In fact, Stefanik voted 6 times to fund the government without money for the border wall.

It’s not just taxes and the border wall.

Stefanik voted to oppose President Trump’s lawsuit to fight Obamacare. She voted to override President Trump’s ban on transgender troops.

She voted for the far-left “Equality Act” that punishes faith-based organizations.

And she voted for the radical Climate Action Now Act that would cripple the American economy and forced President Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord.

She voted to ban drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The NY congresswoman voted to override President Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act as recently as 2020.

She even voted with Democrats against a Republican measure opposing the District of Columbia’s aggressive abortion law.

Ask yourself why Frank Luntz’s roomie Kevin McCarthy would push for her? Someone needs to get to Trump and have him withdraw his support.

The research was conducted by Erick Erickson, but if we only had Rush Limbaugh to get to Trump on this. As much as we dislike Cheney violating the constitution while claiming DJT did, Stefanik is worse than she is.

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2 years ago

Why the litmus test with Trump/Trumpism? Trump kinda dropped the ball on the most important aspect of the Presidency…. protecting the Constitution of US to the last second as a POTUS. Rather than protecting our most treasured liberty, Trump bailed out and failed on fighting for and keeping MAGA agenda. As a result, the commies are running amok doing whatever they want to do without any recourse on their actions. Trump should have fought to the end whether it divided this nation or not. That’s what Lincoln did and he prevailed, but Trump chickened out. Now, the commies are not going to freely let go of their power grab. Arizona voting audit? Georgia voting audit? So what? If the commies got away with the most blatant voting fraud ever in this nation’s history, what make you think that they will hand over their power after the audits? They are here to stay, my fellow American… they are here to stay.

2 years ago

Why don’t you ask her to explain her position instead of trying to put words in her mouth? Too much work for you?

J.Jonah Jameson
J.Jonah Jameson
2 years ago

You actually posted Ann Coulters responses?? ANN COULTER? The same shrill Byatch who spent 2 years doing nothing but slamming President Trump? She’s a phony and you all are dupes for giving her Twits the light of day.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

It doesn’t matter what we think. The RINO’s in congress will make the final decision. I did read she didn’t support DJT on all of his policies but she did fight for him against impeachment.

Chester Courtland
Chester Courtland
2 years ago

Anyone from the following states should NOT be part of the GOP Leadership team:

Any state in New England
Washington State
New Mexico
Wisconsin (Remember Paul Ryan?)

Greg Adams
Greg Adams
2 years ago

You forgot my state; Maryland.