67% of Vaxxed Americans Want Unvaxxed to Pay a COVID Tax


A recent survey from Skynova — an invoicing software firm for small businesses — found that 67% of vaccinated Americans believe the unvaccinated should pay a “COVID tax” to cover businesses’ pandemic safety expenses. Most business owners and the unvaccinated themselves don’t agree.

Actually, the vaccinated appear to be spreading Omicron. Maybe they spread Delta too. The vaccinated should be taxed, perhaps imprisoned, and given 50 lashes with one of those Taliban brooms.

The digital survey was conducted with 1,075 Americans. The firm’s project manager, Joe Mercurio, said the survey reflects a “consensus among people … that unvaccinated people should have to pay precautionary COVID-19 fees when visiting a business” to help cover the costs of personal protective equipment and other materials.

“Plane tickets, movie tickets, and services within the hospitality industry are in high demand ahead of the holidays, and it’s notable that these are the top services people feel the unvaccinated should have to pay more for or even be denied outright,” Mr. Mercurio said.

Americans are becoming tyrants, and mindless ones at that.

Higher prices for unvaccinated consumers would amount to “a new tax” to help business owners cover the $132 that they estimate spending monthly on personal protective equipment, the survey said.

Two-thirds of vaccinated respondents approved of some kind of “COVID tax,” but only 12% of business owners agreed.

With inflation running amok, that would be an incredibly stupid business decision.

While 54% of vaccinated Americans were personally willing to pay a fee for COVID-19 precautions when visiting a business, only 8% of the unvaccinated said they would do the same.

Only 13% of on-site business owners reported having a fully vaccinated workforce, the survey noted.

Opinions on whether the unvaccinated should pay such fees varied by political party, with 31% of vaccinated Republicans saying they supported “none” compared to 14% of vaccinated Democrats who said the same.

“Across the board, Democrats were more in favor than Republicans of heightened pricing for the unvaccinated,” the survey noted.

For example, 56% of vaccinated Democrats said the unvaccinated should pay more for plane tickets and movie tickets, compared to about 35% of vaccinated Republicans who favored such fees.

That figures. Democrats are tyrants. Read more at The Washington Times.

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