7 Signs You’re in Denial Over Violent Gangs & the Deadly Drug Epidemic


7 Signs You’re in Denial Over Violent Gangs & the Deadly Drug Epidemic

1- You reflexively, without any empirical evidence, equate any crackdown on dangerous illegal immigration to the “mass deportation of hard working immigrants.

2- You claim fear of being tossed from the country will prevent undocumented aliens from coming forward to cooperate in local crimes, when the real terror in their neighborhoods is generated by brutal gang activities.

3- You hold signs equating the enforcement of federal laws on the books for decades with “Terrorism”, just miles from an MS-13 multiple murder so gruesome, the families of those slaughtered had to identify their loved ones via a video from the horrific crime scene.

4- You claim Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ trip to support local police working in communities devastated by drug activity and related crime is “political”, even though he’s visiting a state his boss, President Trump, lost by more than 21 points.

5- You are a wealthy white “activist” claiming racism to be the issue, while living a very comfy distance from minorities. Your suburb bubble is broken only by the increasingly frequent heroin death of some tragically addicted upper middle class “good kid” down the block.

6- You’re a resident of Suffolk County, New York, protesting Jeff Sessions for speaking out against MS-13, in spite of the fact your county has had more gang killings over a 16 month span than there were Americans KIA in Afghanistan throughout all of 2016.

7- You’re one of many still serving politicians who’d previously voted in overwhelmingly bi-partisan numbers for the “Secure Fence Act”.   But now, even as U.S. drug overdose deaths in the last 2 years exceed by 41,000 losses from the long Vietnam War.…you refuse to fund the law for which you’d eagerly voted.

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John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

And you’re an idiotic Liberal judge sitting on a bench somewhere on LI letting these killers out because you feel 20 years for a gang rape is too long…. Happened this week. Out-frigging-rageous !!!!!