70% of the Funds to Ukraine Are Graft for US Military Contractors?


Tzarizm.com reported that during an interview in Latvia, President Zelenskyy revealed what happens to US money for Ukraine. He said:

  1. There is no money to pay pensions for 12 mln pensioners
  2. 70% of the financing sent to Ukraine on paper was left in the USA and paid to US military contractors and various agencies.
  3. Any military supplies sent to Ukraine were based on grants but based on credits. Thus, the debts of the country have increased.

This is catastrophic if true. Number 2 is very troubling for Americans. If the report is true, it looks like 70% of the money was for graft, and a good portion was to pay bureaucrats in Ukraine. This is madness.

Tsarizm sees it as a “desperate cry” and an attempt to blame the patrons.

They don’t see this ending well.

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