$700K Tax Dollars to Remind Trans Boys to Not Get Pregnant


The Daily Caller reports that our tax dollars are well-spent on vote-getting and pandering to favored voting blocs, such as transgenders.

According to Health and Human Services (HHS), they forked over your tax dollars to the Center for Innovative Public Health Research for a text-messaging program designed for “cisgender sexual minority girls” between the ages of 14-18 to “address social and structural influences of sexual behavior” in transgender boys.

It seems transgender boys (who are females) are not using condoms often enough “when having sex with people who have penises…”

The nonsense doesn’t stop there. The program will use focus groups to “identify and give voice to the contexts that affect sexual decision-making” of transgender boys (who are girls saying they’re boys and having sex with boys the way girls usually do). The groups will have a “content advisory team” to ensure the content “resonates with these youth.”

Don’t worry about accountability; they will test it on 700 transgender boys (girls) nationwide. They will check condom use in transgender boys (girls) 14-18, as well as other types of birth control. Fourteen is too young, but that’s for another article.

Biden spends millions of your tax dollars on transgender issues like this.

We are $34 trillion in debt and heading for economic armageddon. And remember, trust your gut, if it sounds crazy, it is.

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1 month ago

The stupidity in our government is beyond all description.

Tim McCauley
Tim McCauley
1 month ago

I can’t