8-10 Dead in Synagogue, Killer Screamed “All Jews Must Die”


Multiple casualties and three officers shot at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, just outside of Pittsburgh. The shooter is in custody. These monsters surrender now.

There are believed to be at least eight, possibly 10, are dead with several others shot.

The gunman walked in yelling “All These Jews Need to die.”

The shooter is a white male with a beard. Those are the only clues we have so far as to the identity. I do have a name and if it’s accurate, he is a Jew hater and Trump hater. We will update here as soon as we have corroborating information from the mainstream.

Let’s start worrying about Jews. The rising anti-semitism needs immediate attention. Hate crimes in LA alone are aimed at Jews — 7 out of 10! As a point of fact, 1 in 10 hate crimes is against Muslims. That holds true for stats throughout the nation.

If this can happen in Squirrel Hil, it can happen anywhere. It’s a peaceful, mostly Jewish, highly-educated community. They have produced some remarkable people like Jonas Salk. We had better start paying attention.

The President said as far as gun control, if there was protection inside the Temple, the results would have been different. He also said the laws must be stiffened and the death penalty for this type of crime should be considered.

First, they came for the Jews…


NBC commentators are trying to pin this on President Trump. They are also calling for gun control. They are also talking about a KKK guy in the 1980s and Dylan Roof who killed black people, ignoring the many others by non-white, non-KKK. They are talking Klan and Nazis. The shooter’s name was heard over the police scanner and he appears to be a Trump-hating Nazi of sorts.



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