8 PA Electricity Utilities’ Costs Going Up as Much as 50% Next Week


Energy costs for electric customers are going up by as much as 50% across Pennsylvania next week. This is as the Biden Bolsheviks destroy our energy sector and push us to electric.

Eight Pennsylvania electric utilities are set to increase their energy prices on Dec. 1, reflecting the higher cost to produce electricity.

Peco Energy, which serves Philadelphia and its suburbs, will boost its energy charge by 6.4% on Dec. 1.

PPL Electric Utilities, the Allentown company that serves a large swath of Pennsylvania including parts of Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester Counties, will impose a 26% increase on residential energy costs on Dec. 1.

Pike County Light & Power, which serves about 4,800 customers in Northeast Pennsylvania, will increase energy charges by 50%.

“All electric distribution companies face the same market forces as PPL Electric Utilities,” PPL said in a statement. Each Pennsylvania utility follows a different PUC-regulated plan for procuring energy from power generators, which explains why some customers are absorbing the hit sooner rather than later,” it said.

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