950 military ballots went 100% for Biden & came back in sequential order


There appears to have been fraudulent voting in Georgia in 2020.

John Fredericks, the host of Outside the Beltway, reports on this clip that as many as 30,000 fake ballots were counted in 2020 in Georgia. That is according to six witnesses — who submitted sworn affidavits. There is also a question of some counted twice. The ballots in question went for Biden and the two Democrat senators by 97%.

Another example Mr. Fredericks gave was of 950 military ballots that went 100% to Biden. That’s impossible for military ballots. Not only that, they were in sequential order. Every ballot that came in the mail was in exact order?

If a judge finds they are fraudulent, Republicans are ready to begin the process of de-certifying.




  1. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

  2. Fear the faculty lounge freaks with a WAR of all against all fetish?
    Not really.
    They can’t even coup correctly.

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