A New COVID Vaccine Push Coming This Fall


The drug companies and public health bureaucrats are revving up for a new vaccine push. Perhaps that’s why we see mask and vaccination mandates mandated in schools and businesses. Do they know what’s coming? Notice that Joe Biden didn’t lift his emergency powers.

The CDC admitted that Omicron vaccines created for the original Wuhan strain were found wanting just months ago. Nearly 40% of people hospitalized in the US this spring were vaccinated and boosted.

In a report, Omicron’s Mutations Impaired Vaccine Effectiveness, Bloomberg wrote:

“From the end of March through May, when the omicron BA.2 and BA.2.12.1 subvariants were dominant in the U.S., weekly hospitalization rates increased for all adults — with those over 65 hit the hardest. Even so, the total number of hospitalizations remained much lower than when the delta variant was rampant last fall.”

A few days later, Pfizer and Moderna asked the FDA to approve booster shots targeting the Omicron variant. Both companies plan to roll out booster shots soon after Labor Day.

The FDA is planning to authorize omicron-targeted versions of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna’s Covid boosters for people 12 and older as early as Labor Day, according to two people familiar with the discussions, NBC News reports.

Dr. Panda weighed in:

CDC scientists found that vaccines and boosters did a better job against Delta when it came to keeping people out of the hospital – with efficacy dropping slightly with the BA.1 variant, and then ‘significantly’ falling off when BA.2 hit the scene. This “new” report is already old as BA.5 is currently 88% of new COVID cases.

The drug companies are chasing the variants and can’t keep up but vaccinate you with the dated drug anyway. Some studies indicate that the wrong vaccine harms immunity, among other adverse effects.

The new vaccine combines the old version and adds targeted “protection” for the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants. Given the short time they had to develop the new formula, the data both companies supplied the FDA only included information on the safety and efficacy of the booster in Animals. But not to worry! The FDA seems to not only accept that, but it will review the animal study data without consulting its advisory committee. Human studies are planned and will be ongoing and parallel if the FDA decide to authorize and distribute the shots.

Bill Hanage, a Harvard epidemiologist, praised the “remarkably quick” turnaround time for the new version of the vaccine, saying it normally takes years for shots to be developed and distributed. Comforting right?

The data presented earlier by Pfizer and Moderna earlier this year was, well, underwhelming. Omicron-matched booster offered no more benefit than a standard booster. There is no clear evidence of a dramatic increase in neutralizing antibodies. (To be clear this was early results from the BA.1 Omicron booster and not the same formula being presented to the FDA currently.)

The media is all in.

Are you going to trust them again and get boosted?

Read the full story at Dr. Panda’s substack.


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6 months ago

Last summer, there were a handful of “you must wear a mask businesses” in town. They are all out of business today.

When the big chain store managers notice people just driving away and heading to the mask-less local competitors, even though they cost more, they got smart. They changed their sign to, “You must have a Mask to Enter.” Once you Entered, you could take your mask off. Occasionally, you got some flack from a Democrat, but this is a very Red State and the Democrats lost most of their support when they tried to close churches back in 2020. The area is also Hard Shell Baptist; you just don’t close their churches. There as Dry Counties just to the North of me; they don’t even comply with the 21st Amendment in parts of this State. It is clearly a Conservative State! The Democrats are Blue Dogs and far more Conservative than RINO’s. Sometimes I think the Republicans are the Liberal Party here as KKK Democrats are still active here. People here know the Government lies to them! I think we have the Least “Shot” compliance in the Nation. In my county we even vote on a Paper Ballot!

6 months ago

Not gonna bet vaxxed, not gonna get tested.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to trust or rely on anything which CDC and their collaborators claim. Their ‘pursuit’ of trying to find different ways to eliminate/treat disease or virus has become nothing more than reckless greed, self-applause, and career enhancements.

Last edited 6 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

As I’ve noted before, What ‘evidence‘ is there that vaccination kept people from hospitalization. Given the exceptionally high survival rate of Covid itself there is no method to determine whether a person dies, is hospitalized, or has little symptoms from Covid. You can know how little about medicine is known when a doctor says “try this” to see if it helps. Among the elderly this seems to be the norm. Has any doctor tried to explain the high nursing home deaths, Or, why comorbidities were such a factor. There very well could be answers.

6 months ago

Just in time for the mail in voting in November to steal another election.