RINO Sues the Conservative Primary Winner


Meghan McCain is out to destroy non-RINO Republicans, actively campaigning for them over conservatives. After all the damage her father did to the party, we’d like to see that chapter end. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Donald Trump, the agenda is excellent.

Meghan McCain deleted a tweet calling Kari Lake a “qanon bitch.” She could be the next governor, but McCain would rather see a Democrat win.

The McCain rejects did poorly in the primary, and that’s when Meghan decided to back anyone who opposed the conservative agenda. She has joined with the Establishment, including Liz Cheney, to annihilate Republicans who don’t fit with the McCain creed.

She fought against Kari Lake, an America First candidate, calling her a QAnon bitch. McCain melted down when Lake won. She sees her father’s legacy of no achievements and catering to the Left collapsing.

McCain said she would work against any America First candidates, and her buddies are doing that.

Olivia Murray wrote on American Thinker that RINOs are planning to damage Justine Wadsack, a conservative.

“The RINOs who campaigned against Lake are coming after her allies. In a newly drawn Tucson district, conservative firebrand Justine Wadsack (dubbed a “dangerous Trump Republican” by a prominent left-wing blogger) thrashed Establishment incumbent Vince Leach. However, Leach was the president pro tempore of the state Senate,” Murray wrote.

Wadsack received the nomination as the people’s choice, but corrupt Republicans are doing everything they can to cancel out the people’s choice.

Plaintiffs Edward and Onita Davis, a married couple from Leach’s neighborhood, are suing Wadsack to eject her from the ballot and declare Leach the general nominee. One of the plaintiffs, Mr. Davis, hasn’t even spoken to his own attorney, Tim La Sota. This is a sham suit aimed at damaging Wadsack.

RINOs are very happy to let socialist Democrats win and destroy the country to keep conservatives from winning. Conservatives – for decades – have settled for their RINO candidates, but they will not work with us.

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