A Perfect Democrat – Candidate Summer Lee


A Democrat Socialist Progressive, aka Communist, is a frontrunner for Mike Doyle’s (D-PA) seat in Congress. She is a perfect Democrat. Her name is Summer Lee and she wants to redistribute wealth, abolish the carceral state, and lead the nation with black power. Oh, and she wants reparations.

“Instead of “thanking” Black women, Black voters, and especially, Black organizers… … give us the investments we need and deserve, redistribute wealth, ends police violence, abolish the carceral state, commit to building Black directed political power… and reparations,” Summer Lee tweeted.

No prisons, no laws, no borders, free everything, no fuel, black power leading the nation, reparations, and Utopia too – that’s Summer Lee’s agenda.

Senators Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. are backing her candidacy.

Summer, a communist community organizer, supports open borders, free Stalincare, no prisons, and everything communist. Her hatred of capitalism is obvious.

“Throughout our nation’s history, we have never delivered on the promises of democracy,” Lee says in the “Democracy and Voting Rights” section of her website. “The legacies of slavery and Jim Crow have carried on through voter disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, and voter suppression making the ballot box inaccessible, especially for poor, Black and brown people across the country.”

She wants every felon and every illegal alien to vote.

“Not only must we end racist voter ID and suppression laws, restore the full power of the Voting Rights Act, and end gerrymandering,” she says on her site, “but we must go farther and provide every person in our country with the right to vote – from previously incarcerated people to immigrants, everyone deserves a voice in our democracy.

Lee wants to destroy the fossil fuel industry and the engine of US economic growth.


“In Congress, I will fight for a Green New Deal to transition to a 100% clean and renewable energy economy. This includes ending fracking, which poses a disproportionate threat to communities like ours. The Green New Deal centers frontline and marginalized communities facing the brunt of environmental racism – communities with poisoned water, high rates of asthma, etc – communities like ours.”


Lee’s philosophy on imprisonment – let them all out.

“We must also end the numerous inhumane practices across our justice system. That means eliminating cash bail because our current system, which imprisons people based on their ability to pay, is a barbaric relic that punishes the poor for their poverty. Additionally, we must abolish the death penalty and life without parole–the state should not have the power to end someone’s life or sentence them to death by incarceration.”

Lee claims that the U.S. “government’s rules have also failed to fulfill the promise of democracy” and called for an “end outdated and arbitrary laws” as well as to give “every person in our country with the right to vote – from previously incarcerated people to immigrants, everyone deserves a voice in our democracy.”

“No human being is illegal. Our immigration system is a broken web of xenophobic policies that seek to punish brown and Black people instead of building pathways to citizenship,” Lee claims on her “Immigration” tab.

Lee also calls for an end to “life without parole” as well as “eliminating cash bail because our current system, which imprisons people based on their ability to pay, is a barbaric relic that punishes the poor for their poverty.”


Lee also calls for an end to the filibuster, which she bizarrely claims is “a tool championed by segregationist Senators to oppose civil rights legislation, that continues to stand in the way of progress today.”


“Our constitutional right to abortion care faces the greatest threat in its history, and Congress must do everything in its power to protect this fundamental right,” Lee writes under “Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice.”

“We must not only safeguard the federal right to abortion but also repeal laws like the Hyde amendment which puts care out of reach for marginalized and low-income communities,” she claims.


Communist Democrats, including Justice Democrats, the Congressional Caucus, and Emgage all support her, along with the communist Squad.

As an aside, there is no such thing as a ‘Democrat’ socialist. Letting people vote once or twice until they have full and permanent control doesn’t make them democratic. They are communists. To give you an example, Maduro of Venezuela is a Democratic Socialist.


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11 days ago

Democracy is Mob Rule. No Law & Order, just the knee jerk emotion of the moment! That’s why Democrats can’t Govern. They don’t really have a plan, just emotions.

11 days ago

I watched 2000 Mules this morning. The Evidence of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election is overwhelming. I will be a poll watcher in 2022. It’s apparent in Blue States that elections are fraudulent wholesale. So if the Democrat Party in PA wants Summer Lee, they will see that she wins. It’s also apparent that Democrat Officials are not going to prosecute Democrat Election Fraud, but there is a way to make the people involved think twice.

True the Vote has data on a lot more than the 2000 mules they focused on. They also have data on the coordinators. From that data, they have names. If that data is given to Officials in all the Red States, then the AG’s in those States can go after them. Stealing a Federal Election violates the rights of people in their State by diluting the votes of their State’s Voters and by extension defrauding the voters in their State. What if dozens of Red States filed warrants for their arrests and requested extradition from the Blue State they reside in for trial? What if each of these people had 5, 10, 20 or even more extradition request? If you make it unsafe to hide from Voter Fraud in a Blue State, people will think twice about doing it. It’s clear from the Documentary, 2000 Mules, that this was a Coordinated Nation Operation with big money behind it; a Conspiracy, that comes under RICO Laws. Was this State Sponsored by an Enemy Nation or was it just World Economic Forum Globalism Billionaires? More than half the States have some form of RICO Law. If the Federal Government won’t Prosecute Nation Voter Fraud than individual States must by arresting, trying, and jailing every one of these Mules if they enter their State. Who knows, a plea deal or two may get some big fish.

A side benefit is that many of the Mules were involved in the Summer of 2020 Riots. They are the actual Terrorist in America. This also gives Law Enforcement a list of people to look out for when AntiFa/BLM come to town. The Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers want to track all the so-called Conservative Terrorist; you know the Moms and Dads who go to School Board Meetings. Maybe it’s time Law Enforcement in Red States tract Real Terrorist and Racketeers by making it hard for these people to spread their Violence and Terror to Red States. Or we can just shoot the Terrorist Rioters and save the State a lot of money having to prosecute and jail them.

Another thing I noticed from the Documentary, all the Mules had “Covid Mask” to hide their identity. We know that mask are useless against Covid, so was the Mask Mandates just to help cover up the Election Steal at the Mostly Illegal Drop Boxes? Just how extensive was this Coup? It was obviously very well planned, and that took years.