A Perfect Example of Over Charging, Over Sentencing J6 Prisoners


Andy Biggs saw the J6 tapes and came away convinced that the FBI must be defunded. He discussed the issue with Just the News and John Solomon.

“With the videos that are coming out, I know, I’ve watched hours worth of videos and you’ve both watched hundreds of hours of videos,” he noted. “The reality is what we’re seeing is there were people that were violent and rambunctious and they should, they were charged, but they were over sentenced, they were overcharged, but and that’s the disparate treatment that we have there.

“Then you have others, this 1000 people that Graves [partisan prosecutor Matthew Graves] said he wants to go after. That’s ridiculous. They’re not going after antifa. They’re not going after people who blew up and attacked, you know, pro-life clinics. I mean… they’ve tried to infiltrate the Catholic Church.

“They’ve gone after parents and yet we have people like the one case that I was particularly interested in. A 70 year old man …no prior criminal history whatsoever. He’s not convicted of anything, not even trespass, but he gets this bogus charge that was not designed to do it … of obstructing a congressional proceeding. He wants 14 years in prison for that guy. Unreal.” Watch:

via Liberty Daily

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