by Gennady Shkliarevsky


This is a sad moment for America.  There will certainly be a lot of finger-pointing and mutual accusations.  Some will put the blame on Gaetz, others on McCarthy.  There will be some truth to both accusations, but only some.  The most important and serious reason for this outcome does not lie with one individual or a group of individuals.  The reason lies much deeper.  Its source is the chaos and instability that we as a civilization experience today.  It is a result of conditions that created our success and ultimately led us to failure.

One can understand the tremendous distrust and suspicion among members of the same party toward each other.  It is a tremendous shame that we treat each other as enemies.  No, I do not want to preach universal love, but I think that rational analysis and moral guidance untarnished by raw partisan emotions would serve us much better in this difficult time.

I also do not want to portray the forces of destruction as impersonal.  No, they have names.  The Democrats have consciously and insidiously played the Republicans (not the first time).  They have long formed their battle formations and treat our country as their battleground that they need to conquer and suppress.

Unlike Republicans, they are organized and united around one cause.  This cause is to win by all possible means and return America to the past in which they prevailed.  They skillfully played Gaetz vs. McCarthy with the hope of throwing the Republican Party into chaos.  They act in cold blood, and they succeeded this time.  However, they do not act alone.

They get help from various traitors inside the Republican Party—individuals who, like the Democrats, want to return to the past and to elite domination.  They think, and I think they are stupid to think so, that there is a place for them in this past.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   If the Democrats are able to recapture initiative, the RINOs will be the first to go:  once a traitor, always a traitor; and nobody respects traitors.

We know who these RINOs are.  I do not have to point them out.  They were the ones who worked and continue to work against Trump; They were the ones who happily approved funding for the corrupt Zelensky government; they were the ones who were ready to vote for a huge debt rather than work to make our economy efficient.

This is a sad moment.  One can only imagine now how unified Republicans could force the treacherous Democrats into retreat, prune the budget, drain the Washington swamp, and restore some modicum of peace and stability to our tired nation.  This is not to happen, not in the immediate future.

However, this is also not the end.  The timber of humanity is crooked.  We often get it wrong before we get it right.  But we will get it right.  We can be sure of that.  We will come to a straight path.

We are a nation of good people–people who believe in truth, honesty, and justice; people who love their families, who bring up and care for their children; and people who believe in the Universal Creator as the source of Goodness.   We simply cannot lose, and we will not.  So, let’s cut our losses and start from square one.  Let’s unite around our values and traditions, let’s respect nobility of spirit and generosity of soul, and let’s come together and prevail over the forces that sow chaos and destruction.


Gennady Shkliarevsky, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus of History, Bard College

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