ABC ‘News’ Brazenly Admits Censoring Presidential Candidate RFK Jr.


In a stunning admission, ABC News presented a pre-recorded interview with presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy. The interviewer Linsey Davis told viewers that she edited out some things about the COVID vaccine because they disagreed with what he said.

And you thought you had a First Amendment. The media and politicians are destroying it before your eyes. You might as well get used to legacy media aligning themselves with the values of Pravda.

Interviewer Linsey Davis asked RFK Jr. about his belief that vaccination was linked to autism. He tried to answer and she changed the subject.

Davis told viewers at the end, “We should note that during our conversation, Kennedy made false claims about the Covid-19 vaccines.”

So they get to color his comments with their views, but he doesn’t get to defend himself.


Davis said, “Data shows that the Covid-19 vaccine has prevented millions of hospitalizations and deaths from the disease.”

“He also made misleading claims about the relationship between vaccination and autism,” Davis further asserted, adding, “Research shows that vaccines and the ingredients used in the vaccines do not cause autism, including multiple studies involving more than a million children and major medical associations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the advocacy group Autism Speaks.”

“We’ve used our editorial judgment in not including extended portions of that exchange in our interview,” Davis explained.


How freakin remarkable!

I do not agree with Mr. Kennedy on many things, especially on autism. However, I want to hear what he has to say.

I chose to grab several of his recent tweets to give him a small say on the site. I have read hundreds of studies and agree with him on COVID vaccines.


It is dawning on mainstream figures like Anthony Fauci that their Covid policies were a public health disaster. Lots of us are angry about the mandates, the lockdowns, the censorship, the insanity. But we need to avoid the toxic quagmire of retribution and blame and focus on ensuring this never happens again. Clean up the regulatory agencies, get corporate money out of public health, and guarantee free, open, uncensored public and scientific discourse.

Of course, officials who betrayed the public trust must not be allowed to hold power. I will remove them from their positions, and if laws were broken, my attorney general will prosecute.

Just to be clear, I will prosecute any official who engaged in criminal wrongdoing during the pandemic. Corrupt individuals are a small part of the problem. Our agencies have been captured by corporate power, but the vast majority of their staff are decent people. We need to get corporate influence out of *all* regulatory agencies so that they can serve the people honestly.

Not retribution, but justice! As President, I will direct my attorney general to investigate and prosecute every person who knowingly defrauded or deceived the American public about the safety and efficacy of medical products and I will obtain justice and compensation for every American who was injured or suffered the death of family members from those actions. As a presidential candidate, I’ll continue to expose corruption to obtain justice for the injured.

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