Gaetz Grills Hapless ATF Dir. Dettelbach on Zero Tolerance


The ATF is weaponized to shut down gun sellers. The Biden administration uses the ATF to shut down gun stores and establish an illegal gun registry. Rep. Matt Gaetz addressed this at the weaponization hearings this week with ATF Director Steven Dettelbach.

The media ignores all this vital information the American people need to know.


The administration established an insane zero-tolerance policy. In addition, when a gun store goes out of business, it must turn over all its records, which are then put into a downloadable and searchable registry. It is against the law.

In 2021, the Biden Administration announced a new “Zero Tolerance” policy for revoking the licenses of firearm sellers, known as Federal Firearms Licensees or “FFLs.” As part of this new policy, the ATF recently updated its “Federal Firearms Administrative Action Policy and Procedures.”

Gun Owners of America obtained copies of this updated ATF order, revised under the Biden Administration in January of 2022, along with the prior version under the Trump Administration.

Minor violations that used to warrant a warning and now used to shut down stores, even if it’s a simple mistake. Instead of regulating agencies, they are closing as many as possible. It’s become the norm to shut down the store.

Dir. Dettelbach


It happened to a friend of Matt Gaetz, and he brought it up at this week’s hearing on weaponized government.
First, he mentioned that the ATF is losing guns.

“There were recommendations made on what you should do so you don’t become the victim of a theft, and the Inspector General said you’re not following them. I’m quoting directly from the Inspector General’s report, “thousands of firearms, firearms parts, and ammunition have been stolen from the ATF.”

“So you gave testimony that brave ATF agents are the ones showing up at two in the morning after a burglary, but it seems as though, in this case, you were the one burglarized. Why have you not followed the recommendations of the Office of the Inspector General?” asks Gaetz.

Gaetz pointed out that the ATF had kept a massive database of gun purchases, effectively creating a “gun registry” contrary to federal law.

“So you can’t keep hold of the guns you’re supposed to have, but then you do keep a hold of the ones you’re not supposed to have. The [Gun Owners of America] report: “Firearms data, ATF did not always comply with appropriations and restrictions in its records keeping policies. As a result, that’s breaking the law. Didn’t you guys have to go and delete like a quarter of a million records that you illegally kept?

“I’m reading to you from the report from last year, Mr. Director. “We’ve found that the [National DataBase] staff does not currently, currently in 2022, adhere to the established operating procedures in place to mitigate the risk of firearms being lost and stolen.” So that shows an ATF that is not functioning correctly; it’s not responded to the problems that you’ve created. You keep records you’re not supposed to… and you lose what you’re not supposed to lose,” concluded Gaetz, as Dettelbach looked lost.

At about 3:14, he discusses the zero-tolerance policy. They destroyed his friend’s business.

“Why should you be able to destroy the life of one of my constituents over a technicality where they weren’t even at fault when you lose thousands of guns and illegally keep hundreds of thousands of records” Gaetz demanded to know of Dettelbach.

Dir. Dettelbach stammered and struggled throughout the questioning. He’s another inept Biden appointee.


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John Vieira
John Vieira
7 months ago

Their goal IS to terrorize the population…by decreeing that anyone that disagrees with their edicts are ‘terrorists’…the scum of the earth prevail and the corrupted media aid and abet them…

7 months ago

With so much abuse by Federal Government Policing, I’m now all for stripping the Federal Government of all Policing Powers and maybe even doing away with most Federal Courts. All Police and Justice activity needs to be in the States. The Federal Government should be limited to foreign citizens and espionage activities, but all arrest of US Citizens should be by Local Police after a Warrant is issued by a Local Judge.

I’m all for abolishing the ATF. There should be ZERO Gun Laws because every Citizen in good standing should have the same arms available to the Infantry Soldier. That was the original intent of the 2nd Amendment. Guns are not the problem in America; mental illness is the problem.

Everyone should have the right to make their own Alcohol – Period! Same with Tobacco. Why should Government regulate these kind of things? The same with Drugs. The only role Government should have is setting standards of purity. It’s the same issue as with Guns; there isn’t an Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug problem, there is a Mental illness problem. Government should not be our Nanny!

Government shouldn’t restrict things, it should hold people accountable for their misuse. But then Liberals can’t help themselves and can’t be responsible adults so they want Government to be their Nanny. The trouble is their lack of Personal Responsibility infringes on my God Given Rights!