ABC News Declares National Parks Are Racist


We have another manufactured example of racism thanks to white leftists at ABC News. It’s only recently that we have discovered being White is bad, every White person is racist, and, thanks to ABC News, we now know that National Parks are racist.

According to the Black people ABC News interviewed, racism was in the woods, and Black people didn’t have the freedom to go to National Parks because they feared the danger that White people presented. They did not give an example of how that is the case.

I have never heard of anyone keeping a person of color from going to a National Park, and ABC News probably hasn’t either or they would have told us about it in the clip below.

Only 23% of minorities go to National Parks and they are 43% of the population, says ABC. The problem is there aren’t enough minority rangers, according to them.

Okay, so hire more minority rangers, drum up business in Black communities, why is that the problem of White people?


The parks have always been open to everyone, but somehow it’s White peoples’ fault if people of color don’t take advantage of them.

They claim camping with the family is “self-segregation?” Is that another hit on families?

If you’re White, you are to blame if people of color don’t want to go to the parks, even if you never did a thing to hurt a Black person. None of the Black people interviewed by ABC News pointed to any specific instance of racism by the boogeymen — White people — but somehow they all know it’s true.

This is the victimhood mantra sold by White leftists, and it’s alive and well. Stop it.

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1 year ago

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, WAPO are ALL anti-white racist media outlets. It’s time to pull the FCC licenses on the TV and Cable stations for showing discriminatory content in their news broadcasts, as well as inciting riots across the country with their inflammatory narratives and rhetoric.

Pam Foltz
Pam Foltz
2 years ago

So whats the remedy give them Yellowstone ? MSM how dare you accuse everyone who goes to National Parks Racist. Yet never heard you say black only clubs or bars were racist. Or creating a Black Anthem before the National Anthem {National means everyone in the nation- everyone} But then again I did see a white bird in that park and there was a brown frog not any black ones. Get over yourself and trying to make decent black and white people enemies.

sandy palenik
sandy palenik
2 years ago
Reply to  Pam Foltz

We need to find positive ways to keep the white population from being responsible for those others that have been content for decades to “take” and feel entitled to blame us for the fact they either did not get an education or employment. ANYONE can attain either if they truly want to. I am fed up with local and frankly all government bodies giving in to such ignorant demands.
White people I have heard years ago are actually in the minority in this country but have had to work to make whatever they obtained.

David L Fitzmorris
David L Fitzmorris
2 years ago

They won’t stop till they get a civil war going in this country. If a modern day Fort Sumter occurrence should occur, every patriot in this country should zero in on the MSM head quarters, pull them out and tar and feather everyone of them.