Pro-NoKo, pro-Palestine, anti-US, anti-Israel rally in Brooklyn


Americans chanted “death to America,” and “death to Israel” at an anti-Israel rally in Brooklyn on Wednesday. They heaped praise on North Korea and said America will one day be gone, along with its “puppet governments.” That brought loud cheers from the crowd.

This is the rising tide of “intersectionalism,” in which organizations and movements—supporting everything from North Korea to the Seattle COVID Mutual Aid Group – which are entirely unrelated to the Middle East joined in common cause in the only issue they seem to have in common: the destruction of the State of Israel [and the United States], the Investigative Project reports.

A woman at the rally, representing the New York-based Nodutdol, which says it is [i]nspired by the democratic social movements in Korea,” said Koreans who seek to unite North and South understand the Palestinian cause, according to the Investigative Project.

“We Koreans recognized that the struggle against imperialist aggressors in our land back home is something our Palestinian comrades understand firsthand,” said the woman, who was identified as Jamie Tyberg.

“And we also know that the fight for self-determination is as much Korea’s fight as much as it is Palestine’s. The solidarity between Koreans and Palestinians dates back to 1966, when the DPRK officially started supporting the Palestine Liberation Organization. The DPRK [provided] small amounts of arms and military aid to several revolutionary movements in Palestine. The DPRK also refuses to recognize Israel and calls it an imperialist satellite of the United States.”

These are the ‘unassimilated’ who will not accept American values or embrace the concept of unity, the United States represents. In actuality, they are communists.

It’s a pity they don’t move to North Korea or Gaza. It’s so nice there.

Puerto Rico is “oppressed” and “occupied?”

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

All of the Communist groups are all united here, Death to America, under Fascist Identity Politics aka Tribalism.