About Poland Sending MiGs to Ukraine: The True Story


If you want the truth about the Polish jets being sent to Ukraine, go to the Polish newspapers. The narratives about Poland sending MiGs to Ukraine are being misreported. FAKT, one of Poland’s top newspapers, went to the Foreign Affairs Ministry for answers. We have a full translation of the article below, but we summarized it briefly. Basically, the U.S. is pushing Poland – or trying to push them – into doing it without any support from NATO.

The Summary

Poland isn’t going to become directly involved in the Ukraine-Russia war, and they are not going to do it alone. Fortunately, they’re intelligent.

Poland said they would send the jets to Ramstein, the NATO airbase in Germany if the US replaces their jets with other used jets. From there, NATO can send the planes. The Pentagon spokesperson doesn’t want to do that because it would involve the other NATO members.

In other words, they want Poland to do it but not NATO per se. Poland is a member of NATO. If Poland did what the U.S. wants, they’d be hanging out there and Russia would invade them next. The U.S. would likely issue more useless sanctions.

The key statement that Kirby and the rest of the White House do not like is this:

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, emphasized on Tuesday, March 8, that “any decisions on the supply of offensive weapons should be taken unanimously at the level of the entire NATO”, and Poland cannot take such a step on its own, because it is not a party to the war in Ukraine.

The talk shows can give some very bad advice

For now, it’s dead. Last night on ‘Hannity’, Sean Hannity and Ari Fleischer were talking up the deal and couldn’t understand why the US wouldn’t do it. SERIOUSLY? It would start World War III. Have they thought this through, at all? Hannity also discussed killing Putin with Lindsey Graham and others. That’s another impetus for war. Have they looked at our debt, the loss of lives in the past wars, the flight from Afghanistan, the imbeciles in charge?

This is the article out of Poland’s top newspaper with our best translation:


The Pentagon responded to Poland’s statement on the transfer of MiGs:

“Raises serious concerns”

The case of MIG-29 fighters, which were to be delivered to Ukraine, still arouses great emotions. The Americans reacted to the statement of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which announced that it could hand over the planes to the NATO base in Ramstein as soon as possible. The declaration of the Polish government was unappealing to the Pentagon representatives.

Poles declare that they want to send the fighters to Ukraine, but there is still no agreement as to which airport to send them from and how to safely carry out this operation so as not to get involved in the war.

The Americans do not want to agree to the Polish government’s proposal that the fighters should leave Germany. – Putting Polish MiGs at the disposal of the USA and their launch from the USA-NATO base in Ramstein raises serious concerns for the entire Atlantic Alliance – said the spokesman of the Pentagon, John Kirby, referring to the Polish offer to transfer fighters.

Kirby added that he did not see any factual justification for such a proposal.

The prospect of fighters at the disposal of the US government taking off from the US-NATO base in Germany to fly into the contested airspace (…) raises serious concerns for the entire North Atlantic Pact. It is simply not clear to us that there is a factual justification for this, ‘John Kirby emphasized in a statement.

The Pentagon representative added that although talks with Poland and other allies about airplanes and the related “difficult logistic challenges” are still ongoing, he believes that the Polish proposal is unacceptable.

John Kirby emphasized that the offer announced by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, March 8, to hand over MiGs to the United States and make them available to Ukraine shows how complicated the matter is. He also emphasized that “the decision on whether to hand over the planes owned by Poland to Ukraine ultimately rests with the Polish government.”

Earlier, the surprise by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was expressed by US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, who added that Poland made a “surprising move” in this matter.

Statement of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on MIG-29 fighters:

“The authorities of the Republic of Poland, after consultations with the President and the Government of the Republic of Poland, are ready to immediately transfer all their MIG-29 planes free of charge to the base in Ramstein and place them at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America” ​​- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday, March 8.

“At the same time, Poland is asking the United States of America to provide it with used aircraft with similar operational capabilities. Poland is ready to immediately agree to the terms of purchase of these machines” – we read in the statement on Tuesday.

Representatives of the Polish authorities also asked other NATO countries – owners of MIG-29 planes – to take similar action.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, emphasized on Tuesday, March 8, that “any decisions on the supply of offensive weapons should be taken unanimously at the level of the entire NATO”, and Poland cannot take such a step on its own, because it is not a party to the war in Ukraine.

(Source: PAP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


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1 year ago

Ukraine needs Fighter Jets, but the Ukraine Pilot trained in MiGs not F-16s or F-18s. Poland has MiGs, but would like More Modern US Fighters. Poland isn’t crazy! Poland is not going to be the lone NATO ally supply Fighter Jets to Ukraine because they don’t think the US would have their back; and with good reason.

Treason Is Now Legal
Treason Is Now Legal
1 year ago

Just read about a Neoconned comrade Eliot A. Cohen and his plan for permanent bases in Poland and the massive importation of weapons into the Kraine in order to keep the conflict going.
Sucks to be the people of the Ukraine stuck in the middle but the world must be made safe for fake and gay in a West Afghanistan model.
Fake news, fake photos, fake and gay all the time?
Made legal by Obama in the NDAA.

real eyes see right through real lies
real eyes see right through real lies
1 year ago

@ awake,

Total Mockingbird enemedia boycott because lies get me teeth gritting and ready to go into race car in the red mode.
Shauna Vanity? Someone has to play the witless wrestling chair role at FAUX.
Tell me more about the America loving Grand Old Politburo and their chess moves to save the republic. (LMFAO!)

1 year ago

The Poles know that Zelinsky and his rump country are Davos tools who want to drag Europe into WW3. More likely, they will work with Putin to take back the former Polish territory surrounding Lviv which Stalin seized in 1939. Poland will do whatever it can to protect millions of Poles who have suffered under both Soviet and Ukrainian rule. I expect Poland will take back Lviv in exchange for a guarantee the Lviv area will not be a staging area for a guerilla war against Russia. I expect Russia will make similar deals with Hungary with the return of Transcarpathia and perhaps Slovakian territories. This will return millions of captives to their cultural and language motherlands and provide a buffer zone against Davos/NATO encroachments.

1 year ago

Sean Hannity is a mental midget parading as “intelligent” conservative. Sadly, many believe his simplistic schtick, including my 88 year old mom. We are being manipulated by the wealthy elite and too many are too simplistic and ignorant to see it.