About the right’s ‘conspiracy theory’ that the left wants the stock market to plummet


The MSM is criticizing people — people on the right — for a ‘conspiracy theory’ about Democrats wanting to sink the stock market over coronavirus, COVID19.

A conspiracy theory is extreme, but the concerns and questions people have are warranted and not extreme. There is no question that some on TV have wished the economy would crash, Bill Maher and Joyless Behar, to name two. All the Dems and Dem media have done for nearly four years is try to take out the President and all of his staff.

We have a potential Messonnier example.

The stock market was up over 300 when Rod Rosenstein’s sister, Dr. Messonnier, pushed the panic button on the 25th. She is not a spokesperson for the CDC, and instead of speaking about it in a reasonable way like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a spokesperson, she called it a pandemic. It is not a pandemic yet. She said it’s not a matter of ‘if’ it will hit the U.S., it’s a matter of ‘when.’ She can’t know that, but she said it anyway.

If it’s like the flu, we will soon be out of the season and it will slow and disappear, at least for a while.

Her brother, Rod Rosenstein, the former deputy AG, is no fan of Trump’s. He offered to wear a wire in an attempt to get Trump ousted via the 25th Amendment. Trump was barely in office at the time. While Rod said he was joking most — who were in attendance when he said it — assured the investigators that he was not kidding around.

As soon as Dr. Messonnier made her announcement, and I do mean at that moment, the market started to drop.

Yesterday, the President gave an excellent speech with his extraordinary team, updating Americans in a reasonable manner. He named VP Pence as his coronavirus czar. AOC and the Bernie Bros crowd immediately went wild. They falsely claimed he doesn’t believe in science. When Biden was appointed by Obama to take charge of cancer, everyone on the left and in the media [who are left], regaled the choice. That was despite the fact that Biden was losing it.

Some of this is a market correction. The market was too high.

BuzzFeed has a story out today claiming Rush Limbaugh accused the deep state of creating the virus to take down the President. That is a complete fabrication. They made it up out of whole cloth. What he said is the media and the Democrats are enjoying the stock market plummet, hoping it will take out the President.

It is down again today by quite a bit and the media is helping it go down.

This is what you get from this NBC babe:

And this Ellen Show producer:

Or how about this writer for Rolling Stone:

The usual Twitterati trolls are active and all are negative with few exceptions.

The left seems to be happy about the plummeting in the market. They do. Whether there is any concentrated effort to make it happen, we can’t say nor do we think there is. However, they sure seem to relish it. They do nothing positive and say nothing positive.


Now, for a change of subject.

For the curious, Lysol has been said to be effective for killing coronavirus. We just don’t know if it will be with this new strain. Coronavirus itself has been around a very long time.

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