President’s approval with Hispanics and other minorities rising — a lot


The President has very decent approval ratings with Hispanics, judging from the polls. Could it be because Hispanics are just like everyone else and shouldn’t be classified and judged by Democrats as one big block of voters?

One poll puts his approval rating as high as 44% and shows him winning 41% of the Hispanic vote in a head-to-head match-up with Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont. That is still too low, but given the bad press he gets from Univision and Telemundo, it’s miraculous.

When the President had 28% of the Hispanic vote, he was up there with George W. Bush who was the leader in polling with Hispanics.

The President has tightened the borders and has called some countries, some of which are Hispanic, ‘S***hole” countries. Yet, Hispanics seem less afraid of him, despite the fear mongers in the press and in the Democrat Party trying to drive up angst.

The Politico/Morning Consult survey and the Economist/YouGov survey had the President’s approval at 35% last week. This week they have him at 39% and 38% respectively.

A Zogby poll claims the President has expanded his support amongst Hispanics from the 28% he won in 2016, to 36% in Feb 2020.

A Telemundo poll says 40% of Hispanics in Nevada are Trump supporters.

The latest Fox News poll showed a Hispanic approval of Pres Trump on the economy at 52%. Overall approval of 39% from Hispanics.

Emerson College Polling survey last week had him at 44% approval in a head-to-head with Bernie the commie, and 41% overall.

Over 40% is very significant in securing another four years for the President. Analysts say 40% is the milestone needed for the GOP to win.

When Mitt Romney won only 27%, the GOP blamed their stance against the legalization of all illegal aliens. That can’t be the reason. Trump has proven them wrong. You see, Hispanics want to be safe too. Shocker!

The President isn’t trying to deport innocents by the trainload and that is now clear. He does want criminals out — yesterday — as do all sane people.

The economy is doing great and the alternatives are a bunch of communists. Most of the immigrants left their countries to escape the communists.

A Siena poll shows the President eating into the Jewish vote and other polls have shown him eating into the black vote.

Senator Tim Scott said the President will at least double his support among blacks to 12% or more after all he has done to improve their lives.

We don’t know how accurate these numbers are or will be, but no one should ever underestimate the President or Hispanics, blacks, or Jews. They’re not the pod people and they have differing opinions.

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