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  1. You’ve violated a copyright by using our image on this post: http:http://version2.independentsentinel.com/jackson-hole-administrators-ban-america-pride-day-to-not-offend/

    The photo was taken and posted on our Community News Stream by our reporter at: http://buckrail.com/2015/09/30/jhhs-students-dress-up-for-american-pride-day-on-college-day-heres-why/

    Please take immediate action to credit buckrail.com and provide a link, or remove the post.

    Fabian Lobera, COO PitchEngine, [phone number edited out for Mr. Lobera’s privacy]

  2. I was recently introduced to your article regarding a Tennessee parent whom was upset about her child having to learn Islam history in 7th grade. It stated the core curriculum supposedly removed Christianity from the TCC, which is inaccurate. I just had a debate with several friends to find that some points written were misleading, including the magor point above. Christianity was not removed from the curriculum. The history of Christianity is covered towards the end of 6th grade. From a chronological point of view the the Common Core seems to have a perfect flow to then introduce the following religions and it is tied in at the end of the curriculum.

    Your article also stated that the the children were forced to recite the 5 pillars and write certain things, but yet where is the written assignment and proof of that. After the debate with educators from Tennessee and who were familiar with their common core and the Bible Belt, I was disappointed that you posted an article that would divide people instead of build them up.

    I would hope you could do a follow-up with these facts in mind. I am embarrassed I even posted the related facebook page. However, I am leaving it up so other can read the whole truth.

    All the Best,

    • Thank you for your comment. I did mention that Christianity would be taught later in the year. The article was a report from a Tennessee parent. The Core requires the Islam section but does not require the section on Christianity. The reason that happened is because of the Islamic lobby when the Core and even texts were developed. Many people don’t care but this parent did so I reported her story.

      There is proof of that but this isn’t meant to be a tome but if you click the link, you will get the information you need.

      • I don’t believe Islam should be taught period. Because Islam isn’t a religion of peace. The schools needs to read the Quran and after doing so, they will realize it’s the book of the Devil. Remember what Thomas Jefferson did?

        The schools have most likely erased that like most of our history.

  3. Aren’t school administrators hired by the populace in the city or town? Why would they be allowed to destroy the principles and beliefs of Americans to satisfy a few visitors to our country. If the visitors don’t like the way we live, let them go back to where they came from, and it might be a good idea to recommend that the administration go with them.

    • If ones core values and principles are so easily destroyed by being exposed to other cultures and religions that person is weak in mind and lacks the ability to think for themselves.

    • How do Muslims attain citizenship in the USA if they take an oath to abide by the Constitution that protects the “unalienable rights” endowed by our creator ? Have they perjured themselves by holding allegiances that are contrary to the foundations of this country and the Christian basis for our laws? Isn’t that fraudulent on its face ? We do not need that kind of citizenry and do not want usurpers in fact degrading our culture with a foreign religious ideology. We have gradually relaxed the requirements and honor. First we let Jews hold public office then we allowed Catholics to hold public office against the wishes of the majority and look at the mess we have on our hands now !

  4. As a Mexican citzen I find that like most Americans you hate Mexicans, and that is fine with me, the feeling is mutual I also hate Americans, but always remember that the war on drugs is your fault, the reason is Americans have a big apetite for drugs, and it dosent matter who sells the drug, you always buy it.

  5. Hi,

    Just wondering if you accept advertisements on independentsentinel.com? If so, then I’d love the chance to buy some space from you.

    Let me know if you’d like to hear more and we can arrange a deal.



  6. I love your logo of the Eagle fighting the communist sickle and hammer for the American flag. Can a copy of that be purchased somewhere? Richard Hovis, Oklahoma City



      The Pilgrims Society: A Century of Rockefellers, Rothschilds …
      The Pilgrims Society: A study of the Anglo- American Establishment; Rockefeller, Mellon, Luce, Rothschild, Cecil, Windsor, the Federal Reserve, WWII, the CIA, and So Much More

      The Pilgrims Society – Enemy of Humanity – American …
      Aug 07, 2019 • The Pilgrims are dominated by a small group of families including Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothschilds, Rhodes, Milner, Woolsey (self-styled “British and American Aristocracy” modeled on Cecil Rhodes’ British-American federation dream

      The Pilgrims Society: A Study of the Anglo-American …
      Jan 07, 2020 • The Pilgrims Society: A Study of the Anglo-American Establishment; Rockefeller, Mellon, Luce, Rothschild, Cecil, Windsor, the Federal Reserve, WWII, the CIA, and so much more Wife of NSA Inspector General helped him plot Trump coup in Ukraine

      8/5/2019 The Pilgrims Society: A Century of Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Mellons and So Much More …

      If you do the research on the PILGRIMS SOCIETY, you will find that they have controlled the world for the past 100 years!

  7. fucking hacks of fake “news”… this is the “news” of lying conspiracy junkies that support an illegitimate White House administration and congressional reTHUGlicans…. those that believe one iota written on this site are dumb as fuck

  8. You should retitle your blog, “Unsourced stories about immigrants raping white women.” It’s all you write about and I think that none of it is true. You’re just trying to influence and scare people which is the bottom rung, actually below the bottom rung, of journalism. You should just say that you are making it all up.

    • LP,Could you direct me to the blog you are responding about?
      Maybe you misunderstood.Are you positive it was not about U.S. military men raping U.S. military women?

    • Think none of it’s true? Perhaps you missed reading about the attack by migrants on 1200 women in Germany on New Year’s Eve, 2015? I wrote about it here, and it was sourced. The attacks made headlines around the world, even in America. Here’s one such source, that right-wing rag, The Washington Post: tinyurl.com/ybx4hdg6

      • You cannot just quote something like that (Germany) without doing a fact check. Perfect example of believing something that seems true because it fits with our fears. I don’t think this has to be a bad site, but only if they take the time to admit what is true or what is false. You can’t just believe Fox News, nor MSNBC, etc., without having a brain of your own.

        “Twenty-four of the reports investigated on Rapefugees.net appear to be false claims. They include the rape in Rostock that was likely fabricated, but nevertheless remains listed on the map. And the case of a 15-year-old school girl from the city of Möchengladbach, who claimed in January 2016 that she had been raped near the city’s central train station. The perpetrator had a “tanned face” she said and spoke with a foreign accent. In response, angry local residents formed their own vigilante group. A week later, the police announced that the crime “had not happened” in the way described by the teen. The alleged perpetrator was an acquaintance who said everything had happened with mutual consent. Public prosecutors opened an investigation into the 15-year-old for making up a crime, but later dropped it.”


  9. If your “news” is left or right it’s not news, it’s a one sided opinion… better facts in Facebook post.

    • Nick, The Sentinel provides news, opinion and commentary, analysis, factual and original content, mostly political, usually right-of-center. It’s not a news service. We do something similar to Heat St.

    • Nick, this is one of the most honest, researched sites you will find. Of course, if you are Left of center, no real news or fact based opinion on this site will satisfy your agenda. Maybe say bye?

  10. This site is horrendous. But in America there is “freedom of speech” congratulations on being a traitor to your nation though.

    • Tom Scout, you only FEEL it SHOULD be so as horendous. You did not THINK. To think, one must UNEQUIVOCALLY analyse BOTH sides of a point or reference,unbiased. That requires effort and much WORK independent of socially correct ideology. People ( sheeple ) are too lazy for that. It’s easier to just provide feelings or opinion as prerequisites to something you feel should be the case. Just being like how the majority public feelings should go in order to keep your friends.

  11. Who gives a rat’s ass about these towel-head women. They have a right to say what they want and I have a right to oppose them.

  12. Posted my comment in the wrong place. I was supposed to post it under that Linda sarsour article. Sorry for my mistake I like your site.

  13. White Helmets are exposed. Media has posted videos of supposed chemical attacks, and by themselves, are considered conclusive. But, when unedited videos surface we see they have the Lazarus affect, and the dead rise up. Now there is a report how misinformed the entire media was. The White Helmets were considered, even by the military, as “allies”. Russia has discounted the reports of White Helmet accusations and accused “them”, of “staging attacks”. Now we learn they were indeed correct.


  14. How do I unsubscribe to this slanted lying dangerous site. Those who do not worship evil right wing tyrants know how to check facts.

  15. “We don’t do censorship and we don’t do PC” I call BS as you have deleted my tweet for no apparent reason other than calling Mitt Romney a POS.

  16. NYS’s radical new guideline for EMTs – Do Not Resuscitate
    This article is a misrepresentation of the actual policy NYC has declared. Read a Local NYC media to get the full policy

  17. I’m a republican for iver 40 years and a conservative Christian man.

    Yours is a racist, facist, bigoted rag. Your subscribers are Nazis and Nazi supporters.

    I leave you with the hatred you so richly cultivated in our land.


  18. Great fake news organisation. Keep it up. The more doubt we make up the more they believe. I love the strapline – print the news that others wont print! That’s funny. Don’t forget Trump must win what ever the cost. Keep up the fake news.

    • You’re in another country, aren’t you? Nothing is made up. Some of it could be wrong, but they are legitimate reports. The election was corrupt thanks to ballot harvesting and other corrupt practices. Our Democrats are communists overturning our government.

      • Your right I’m from another country. Well done. If the election is corrupt why are so many Republicans saying it isn’t? What I genuinely don’t get is why Americans support Trump who to use his language has been ‘a nasty and horrible person’ . I love watching his press conferences but i sit here cringing at what he says, often embarrassed for him. Don’t you feel that way when he treats the people he’s talking to like a bully in the school playground and completely non statesmanlike?

        You may not like the Democrates – personnally im indifferent – but communists? Thats not the right comparison if you understand communisum. Clearly noone want that but its no what the democrates hold. Thats like saying Trumps rallys are like Hitlers rallys!!! Although come to think of it…..

      • ” The election was corrupt thanks to ballot harvesting and other corrupt practices.”
        You have some proof of this, right? You should send it to Rudy G and that soon to be disbarred and poor lady lawyer. Might save them a few billion…..

  19. My name is Michael Cantrell. I’m a conservative political writer with 14 years of experience currently in the market for writing work. I’ve written for publications such as Young Conservatives, Chicks on the Right, Allen West, 100 Percent Fedup, The Federalist Papers, Joe the Plumber, Ken Blackwell, and Chad Prather.

    I also had some of my work shared by President Donald Trump.

    I have a long list of writing samples I can submit if you happen to have a position open. Please let me know and I’ll get them over to you as soon as possible.


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