Actress Lori Loughlin faces 2 months in prison, husband gets 5 months


Fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli was sentenced to five months in prison in the college admissions scandal case. He is the husband of Lori Loughlin who was the last holdout in making a plea deal. Loughlin and her husband initially claimed they would be exonerated.

They were the highest-profile defendants in the scandal exposing the rich and famous using big bucks to get their children admitted into the most prestigious or in some way desirable colleges.

Giannulli will also serve two years of supervised release and 250 hours of community service. Judge Norton said the sentence is “sufficient but not greater than necessary under the circumstance.”

The 57-year-old fashion designer appeared via Zoom in a Massachusetts federal court during the hearing. Lori Loughlin’s case will be heard in the same court at 2:30 pm today.

For a year, the couple battled the prosecutors and pleaded not guilty at first.

They made payments of $500,000 to get their two daughters Isabella and Olivia Jade into the University of Southern California. They pretended the girls crewed but they never did. Photos of them crewing were included with the applications.


In May, the couple pleaded guilty as did actress Felicity Huffman(Desperate Housewives actress) last year. She served only 11 days. But as the Giannullis fought the charges, prosecutors added charges.

Giannulli pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud and to honest services wire and mail fraud. Lori Loughlin pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.

Giannulli’s plea agreement includes five months in prison and a $250,000 fine, with the supervision and community service components. Loughlin will serve two months in prison and will pay a $150,000 fine with two years of supervised release and 100 hours of community service.

Giannulli allegedly had an “expanded role” compared to his wife.

It’s an idiotic crime. The children should have gone to a two-year college to get their grades up. Olivia didn’t want to go to college and had a thriving youtube makeup and hair business going.

Loughlin was a popular actress on Full House and a regular on the Hallmark channels.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

It wasn’t enough! They lied over and over again. I bet they spent more in legal fees than they got in fines.