Admin to Allow Iran to Buy and Sell Missiles and Drones Tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day that Joe Biden plans to visit Israel, and it’s also the day that sanctions are lifted on Iran so they can step up their ballistic missile program.

The UN sanctions preventing Iran from buying and selling missiles and drones expire tomorrow. It’s a huge financial victory for Iran.

The US and the European allies are allowing Iran to purchase and supply missiles to enemies of the United States and Israel.

Tomorrow is transition day when the expiration of the UN’s embargo against Iran’s ability to procure and sell missiles and drones goes into effect.

As Joe Biden says he’s heartbroken over what happened to the Jewish people in the genocidal massacre a week ago Saturday, October 7th, he hands an amazing victory to Iran.

Iran has, in recent days, stepped up their threats against Israel as the Jewish state prepares to launch an expected ground invasion into Gaza to root out Hamas terrorists and the entity’s military apparatus.

Iran missile attack January 7 2020

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel was asked about extending the embargo. We continue to have a number of tools at our disposal to hold Iran’s dangerous development and proliferation of missile-related technologies and UAVs – to hold these things accountable, Patel said, “Obviously, UNSCR 2231 is not the only tool that is at our disposal. We have our own sanctions authorities…We have export controls…We have bilateral, multilateral engagements. We have already effectively targeted the same networks and individuals that would have been covered under a 2231 UNSCR violation and will continue to use our own sanctions authorities to hold the Iranian regime accountable.”

He wasn’t kidding – they have never held the Iranian regime accountable.

A reporter asked again if the administration was willing to let it expire.

Patel said they had “nothing to preview” on that.

He continued, “We have pretty credibly – if you look at our track record on this since the inception of the administration – have held the Iranian regime accountable for its malign and destabilizing activities, and we’ll continue to do so.”

Fox News Digital has tried contacting the State Department and White House about this, and they won’t respond.

So, I guess we have our answer. They are going to let them expire and pretend that this isn’t a huge victory for Iran. Biden will let Iran do just about anything because the Obama-Biden regime wants a nuclear deal that gives the appearance of stopping Iran. In reality, it’s superficial, and it gives them the ability to get the bomb in a time frame.

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