Affirmative Action Temporarily Upheld at West Point


Students for Fair Admissions is the same conservative group that brought the cases that led to the court’s ruling last year that ended affirmative action in higher education.

That decision struck down admissions programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

The Supreme Court ruling included a footnote saying that it did not resolve whether service academies like West Point could continue to consider race in admissions “in light of the potentially distinct interests that military academies may present.

Students for Fair Admissions President Edward Blum criticized the decision in a statement Friday.

“It is disappointing that the young men and women who apply to West Point for the foreseeable future will have their race used as a factor to admit or reject them,” Blum said.  “Every year this case languishes in discovery, trial and appeals means that our nation’s best and brightest young men and women will be classified, sorted, and preferred based on their skin color rather than just on their abilities.”

The challengers, who brought a similar claim against the Naval Academy, had asked the court to rule before Jan. 31, the deadline for people to apply to West Point for admission this year.

Isn’t racism the same, regardless of the institution?

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
26 days ago

A nation can’t have less than the best in the nation’s armed forces.