After Cheney voted for impeachment, she can’t ‘win a primary for dog catcher’


The ten Republicans in the House who voted to impeach the President in an unconstitutional process should be voted out. If Republicans can’t stand up for the Constitution, even when it’s difficult, then they need to be ousted. The investigation into the riot at the Capitol was not complete. Evidence was not presented, and the President was not given due process or any means of defense.

Republicans must stand up for the Constitution as Democrats try to burn it down.

Liz Cheney is one of the ten who lashed out in anger and decided to join Pelosi in her impeachment game.

Rep. Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach President Trump put her political future in jeopardy back home in Wyoming, a state GOP official told The Wshington Times.

“She couldn’t win a primary today for dog catcher,” said Martin Kimmet, chairman of the Republican Party in Park County, Wyoming.

Ms. Cheney, the No. 3 House Republican leader and the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, went from a rising star into a political nosedive virtually overnight.

“I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls, more than you could count. I have not gotten one in support of what Liz Cheney did,” Mr. Kimmet said. “What she did was wrong. Period.”

He echoed other impeachment critics, saying it was rushed and Mr. Trump was denied due process.


Ms. Cheney has held Wyoming’s single House seat since 2017. She won her first reelection bid last year with 68.7% of the statewide vote.

The anger she now is weathering in Wyoming reflects the ongoing solid support for Mr. Trump among Republican voters nationwide.

An NBC News poll released Thursday showed only 8% of Republican voters supported impeachment, compared to 89% of Democrats and 45% of independents.

The blowback also hit Ms. Cheney in Washington, where fellow Republican Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Matt Rosendale of Montana are circulating a petition to knock her off the leadership team.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, California Republican, does not support the effort. He really should.

Ms. Cheney went against the House Republican Conference.

”I’m not going anywhere. This is a vote of conscience. It’s one where there are different views in our conference. But our nation is facing an unprecedented — since the Civil War — constitutional crisis.” she told reporters at the Capitol.

No, it’s not. She hates Trump and she violated the Constitution.

She lives in an alternative universe and still sees herself as a leader.

“Once we get through this period, once we get through the inauguration, we will very much be focused on policy,” she said. “I’m laying out a positive agenda for the future, and it’ll be one that will allow us to get the majority back in two years. That’s what I’m focused on, and that’s what I look forward to our conference being able to accomplish.”

Mr. Kimmet said, “I don’t care how she spins it,” he said. “What she did was wrong.”

Rightside Broadcasting plans to back the primary opponents of each of the ten. Hopefully, they do it and succeed. Most are RINOs in liberal areas.

Others who voted to impeach are Tom Rice, SC, Dan Newhouse, WA, Adam Kinzinger, IL, Anthony Gonzalez, OH, Fred Upton, MI, Jaime Beutler, WA, Peter Meijer, MI, John Katko, NY, David Valadao, CA.

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