Never Forget January 20 2017


Let us not forget when 68 Democrats refused to go to the DJT Inauguration, calling him illegitimate. Did they incite the riot that followed? The Antifa and a few BLM, all communists and anarchists, tore up DC. No troops were sent to the Capital.


DisruptJ20 and several Soros groups like ANSWER Coalition and The Revolutionary Communist Party are behind the rallies/riots. They showed up in busses in D.C. Michael Moore and other celebrities back DisruptJ20 though funding is kept secret. Celebrities see themselves as inspirational leaders. They promised a million protesters, but several hundred showed up in D.C.

Not terribly inspirational, but they were violent.

They were more successful in New York City, but NYC, run by a Communist, is infested with the hard-left.

This clip is funny. A white protester screams “no more racist police” to a black police officer. The irony is lost of the ideologically insane.
So-called protesters were engaging in violent acts, smashing car and store windows and generally causing chaos here-and-there. Mainstream media largely ignored it.

McPhearson Square:

Protesters flooded Pennsylvania Avenue and the area around the DeploraBall, but it was only in the hundreds, not thousands, for all the talk of “thousands” coming.

The Left is Stalinesque.

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