After Zelensky Meeting, Saudi Arabia Ditches G7, Goes to BRICS


As we noted on the 12th, Saudi Arabia refused to renew the 50-year agreement to use the US dollar as the currency for crude oil transactions on the world market. It’s a tremendous loss for the United States.

The dollar as the universal currency benefits the US the most. It is the reason for our high standard of living.

After meeting with Zelensky, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, abruptly refused to participate in the G7 summit. He cited “religious reasons.”

Instead, he has committed to attending this year’s BRICS summit in Russia hosted by Vladimir Putin.

This is all unfolding as Saudi Arabia’s 50-year-old petrodollar agreement with the United States has expired. He will not renew it.

It seems that destroying our financial system is deliberate and is being done through a mentally incapable figurehead, Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has said the dollar is collapsing and will no longer be the world standard. Donald Trump could see it coming, and so could the Sentinel. Conservatives predicted it.

Anyone can see that Biden is possibly in his position to oversee the downfall of the capitalist United States.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Weighed In on X

“Significant financial upheaval is potentially ahead of the financial world as Saudi Arabia has decided not to renew its 80-year petro-dollar deal with the United States. The deal, which expired on Sunday, June 9th, was a cornerstone of the United States global economic dominance.”

“There is practically a complete U.S. media blackout on this story because they are too busy spinning lies and trying to convince Americans that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to democracy, while in reality, this story should seriously concern every American.

“This is a huge referendum on the weakness of Biden’s presidency and America’s respect and position in the world.

“If the dollar falls, it will hurt EVERY American, no matter what political party you belong to or who you are.

“There are more dangers ahead for the dollar as BRICS nations are threatening to start trading in other currencies and stop trading with dollars.

“Inflation is hurting many Americans as it is, but it’s nothing compared to what it would be like if the dollar is weakened.”

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