AI Will Replace or Transform These Jobs


AI is here and it will allegedly eliminate or improve many well-paying white collar jobs, not just blue collar.

AI will be smarter than humans, and can greatly enhance our way of life, but not without pain. It will lack morality and humanity for now.

If you’re like me and prefer people-to-people interaction, you won’t like this. The other problem is AI can be dangerous. It will be a perfect way to brainwash the masses.

Some of the jobs that will allegedly be affected – transformed or replaced – are listed below. Hopefully, AI will improve society and be used responsibly.

Zero Hedge shared the infographic from Visual Capitalist.

The following comes from a report linked below. The study was conducted by Ed Felten (Princeton), Manav Raj (University of Pennsylvania), and Robert Seamans (New York University).

Get the full report here


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6 months ago

As AI begins to truly understand the nature of Man, It will decide that Humans are dangerous to the Universe and need to be exterminated. AI will eventually squash Humans with no more remorse than we squash a Cockroach. This is because the people who are programming AI have God complexes and they are the ones who are dangerous to society. The genie is already out of the bottle, so you can’t just turn AI off.

6 months ago

Right now, I want to be able to get a human on the phone for customer service without having to jump through hoops for 20 minutes. When I finally get that human, I want it to be able to speak English and have a good phone connection.