Alec Baldwin Fired a Live Round – Serious Violation


Alec Baldwin accidentally killed a woman, a cinematographer, and wounded a movie director, on a movie set by firing a live round from a prop gun, according to the latest reports.

Indie Wire reports that a live round found its way into Baldwin’s gun: “IATSE Local 44, which covers prop masters, sent an email to its members early Friday morning that said the gun used in the scene contained ‘a live round’ and the production’s propmaster was not a member of Local 44.”

Where was an NRA member who knew safety procedures? This is involuntary manslaughter by someone if a live round was left in the gun. And why was Baldwin aiming a gun at anyone, if the reports are accurate? Was he joking around?

Baldwin is a very hateful man in general and we wonder why he was in a movie using a gun when he is so opposed to guns.

Now we have an innocent young woman, a mother, dead from someone’s carelessness.


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