Alex Jones Banned Over Video of Confrontation With “Evil-Looking” CNN Reporter


All Twitter accounts belonging to Alex Jones and Infowars have been permanently suspended within hours of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifying before Congress. He was suspended for behavior outside of Twitter when he posted the video of a confrontation with an “evil looking” CNN reporter with the “eyes of a rat”.

Reportedly, Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet shared the video of the confrontation and, as a result, he has been put under a limited 12-hour suspension while Twitter investigates him. He is the editor-at-large of

Any accounts associated with Alex Jones will be investigated.

Shortly before Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Wednesday, Jones confronted CNN’s Oliver Darcy outside the hearing room, accusing the reporter of leading a campaign to purge Infowars from the Internet.

A Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Beast that Jones’ exchange with Darcy violated the platform’s Terms of Services.

During the confrontation, Jones told the reporter he had the “eyes of a rat”, was “evil-looking”, “anti-American”, and a “virus”. What if those statements are true?

Darcy frequently puts out articles claiming that conservative censorship is a fallacy. He accused the President of spreading fake news.

The controversial Libertarian and accused conspiracy theorist has been completely de-platformed at this point.

If the banning was even-handed, that would be one thing, but it doesn’t appear to be.

The all-time haters Louis Farrakhan, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas are still on Twitter. Racist Sarah Jeong, now a NY Times editor, maintains her racist account as does child jokester James Gunn.

Videos of White House staff being harrassed are still okay.

Only the right-wing has to have healthy conversations.

The confrontation that allegedly got him banned once posted:

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