Amazon Employees Engage in Sex Trafficking


One of Jeff Bezos’s ten rules for success is to stand for something and become a role model for other companies. Another rule among his top ten is to build a culture. He might be failing on both.

His company has been accused of having a culture that demeans women and now appears to have employees who embrace sex trafficking.

Will this become one of Amazon’s Best Deals? The employees are allegedly hiring sex trafficked Asian women.

Engadget reports that Amazon and Microsoft employees are embroiled in a sex trafficking scandal. The outlet reports that the tech industry is known to be rife with sexism and misogyny but it just got a whole lot worse.

Newsweek has obtained emails to brothels and pimps between 2014 and 2016 from employees at Amazon, Microsoft, and other tech companies. The publication says there is a “horny nest of prostitution ‘hobbyists’” at these companies.

The emails Newsweek secured included 67 sent from Microsoft, 63 sent from Amazon email accounts, and dozens more sent from some of Seattle’s premier tech companies, including Boeing, plus others based elsewhere but with offices in Seattle, including T-Mobile and Oracle, as well as many local, smaller tech firms. 

The men remain unidentified.

The article claims that an online sting operation found the men would often pretend the trafficker had the wrong email address to cover their tracks. The pimp then responds, “got it”. These horny employees use their work emails so the pimps know they’re not cops.

While Newsweek says the tech sector is well known for this type of behavior and has been for years, what is little known is their widespread and often nonchalant attitude toward buying sex from trafficked women, a process made shockingly more efficient by internet technology. And some studies suggest that the tech sector, overwhelmingly male and requiring long, lonely hours on computers, has more avid consumers of prostitution than many other fields.

The tech sector, Newsweek claims, not only deals heavily in prostitutes and sex-trafficked women, they help the traffickers more easily build their business online – reaching customers and hiding them.

The organization has other sexual harassment issues. One came up in October when Rose McGowan accused billionaire Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, of covering for Harvey Weinstein. Almost immediately, his studio head and friend Roy Price was forced to resign for not investigating McGowan’s complaints and for ignoring sexual harassment allegations by Isa Hackett.

There is a caveat to this, Newsweek is hardly reliable.

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