Amb. Kelin: “War Is Becoming “More and More Dangerous”


Russia’s ambassador to London, Andrey Kelin, said on Thursday that Moscow knows “about the participation of British specialists in training, preparation, and execution of plans against the Russian infrastructure and the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.”

Kelin said, “it will become public pretty soon, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow.”

“It can bring us to the line of – I would not say ‘no return’; return is always possible… But, anyway, we should avoid escalation, and this is a warning actually that Britain is too deep in this conflict,” Kelin emphasized.

In his opinion, the situation is becoming “more and more dangerous.”

Moscow also claimed the Brits took part in blowing up Nordstream.

The US now has soldiers in Ukraine, allegedly monitoring weapons deployment:

Western currency values are decreasing in value, but the ruble is holding steady at 62.35 rubles to a US dollar. So much for Biden eviscerating it.

Former Lt. Col. Douglas Mac Gregor said Ukraine is running out of manpower, and his sources say about 10,000 Poles are in Ukrainian uniforms, along with some foreign legion.


Fmr. Obama official Charles Kupchan called for a peace deal based on Ukraine pledging not to join NATO and giving up Crimea and pro-Russian areas of the Donbas. (Had Ukraine been willing to implement the Minsk Accords, it would have kept all of Donbas). He made the comments in an op-ed at the New York Times.

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