“America Will Start Winning Again!” Video Inauguration 2017


Note: We will update later today

Donald Trump welcomed to D.C.

“America will start winning again!” Most importantly God will guide our nation. It’s the “hour of action”. “No challenge can match…the spirit of America”. “We all bleed the same red blood of Patriots”. Americans “will never be ignored again”. The courage and dreams of the American people will guide us. ~ Donald J. Trump

The theme of his speech was: “This is your moment. This belongs to you.”, “We share one heart, one home, one destiny”; the “American carnage” must stop right now. The political elite must serve its citizens. There is no room for racism in patriotism and we are unstoppable. He spoke to the inner cities to unify us. He will defeat radical Islam and used the phrase “Islamic extremism”. The word “I” was hardly used.

This was not a conservative speech. It was populism. We will not impose our beliefs on anyone, he said.

Donald J. Trump: “January 20th, 2017, Will Be Remembered as the Day the People Became the Rulers of This Nation Again”

President Trump: “For Too Long, a Small Group in D.C. Reaped the Rewards of Government”

President Trump: “The Oath of Office I Take Today Is an Oath of Allegiance to All Americans”

President Trump on Drugs, Crime: “This American Carnage Stops Right Here and Stops Right Now”

“I will fight for you with every breath in my body, and I will never, ever let you down”

From this day forward, it will be America First.”

When America is united, we are unstoppable.

We will eradicate radical Islamic terrorism.

Donald John Trump is sworn in as President of the United States. Barack Obama is now a regular citizen.

Clarence Thomas swears in Vice President Michael Pence:

Chuck Schumer celebrates the peaceful transfer of power:

MSNBC mocks Justice Breyer:

Donald Trump Jr. said his father will be president of all the people last evening.

This is funny. In the next video, a white protester screams “no more racist police” to a black police officer.

Making America Great Again began last evening.

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